Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aubrey Levin - Lost in Translation

I have a Google Alert set for “Aubrey Levin”, and it continually feeds me new stuff about him which googlebot surfaces on its travels. The story has truly gone international and the latest item on Aubrey Levine  which googlebot unearthed was very obviously written in another language and auto-translated back into English.

Here are some of the howlers I found (you might need to know the original Levin story to appreciate the context):

Dr Shock for his make use of physical phenomenon to "cure" happy troops

Levin, who worked at the University of Calgary’s healing school, has been dangling from practising and is free on bail

he managed to conceal open contention of his past by melancholy lawsuits opposite headlines organisations that attempted to try it.

Following the arrest, alternative masculine patients have contacted the authorities…

One… purported he had been questioned about his sex hold up and theme to passionate advances.

Commanding officers and chaplains were speedy to impute "deviants" for electroconvulsive hatred therapy.

One happy infantryman claimed to have been chemically castrated by Levin.

“We usually had patients who longed for to be marinated and were there voluntarily," he told the Guardian in 2000.

By sharing these hilarious mishaps I am certainly not trying to trivialise his atrocities, believe me - I just don’t think that laughter was ever bad for anybody…


  1. WillBeFine28 August, 2010

    " electroconvulsive hatred therapy"

    BPG got a large dose of this from Dr Shock!

  2. wow those are some serious mishaps

  3. We're collecting stories about Levin on a Facebook group called Greefswald. Please join us. Or write to me at Very keen to get in touch with you.

  4. Here's another one:

    After saying they had no drinking water or food etc Tim eventually
    made his way into my cell that day and said he had been informed I had
    threatened something like 2 churches and 3 secretaries in Saskatoon.
    Tim told them I was living with him in Saskatoon all the while at a
    time when I was supposed to have "followed a WHITE female" in Regina.
    I have never been to that place. The names of the complainants were
    help secret, as was the actual offence, or threat. they would not
    disclose what it is I had done.

    They also acted like they were gagging a tiger and moved me into a
    room by edging, and there I saw a very sinister and evil looking men.
    I used my wits to stop Dr Aubrey Levine physically carting me off to a
    mental unit where he said he would drug me for 3 months until I lost
    my memory, then I would have no more complaints about my parents etc
    and he would deport me after I'd lost my thinking. You will find
    yourself in a new dimension he said. It was the 30th of may 1997 a

    After levine's departure Mr Allan started mocking that Levine was
    going to bring a terrible psychiatric report about me on monday, which
    he said would damn my stay in canada. He said good I am glad if the
    handcuffs hurt you and I went down 4-5 stories on the steps with Mr
    Allan who dropped me off to wait in the parked car which had in it Mrs
    Southgate. The latter told me "Every work that you spoke to Dr Levine
    with be used against you to incriminate you" she agreed Dr levine
    would give a "very crazy report" of me the following monday which
    would be faxed to two other immigration psychiatrists in ottawa who
    will agree entirely with Dr Levines opinion of you so there would be
    three qualified professionals testifying against you"....At my final
    destination I was informed that I was inside an RCMP jail.....

    CIC later made a false arrest of me for absonding*, to detain me until
    deportation. But a coincidence happened that was very embarrassing to
    them. On the day when they had set up a warrant for my arrest for
    absconding, I ended up, of all things a the downtown calgary CIC
    office. I knew only later why I was literally being grabbed by the
    neck by one Carole Dubois, to later serve for about 18 months or so as
    my removals officer for the CIC and thrown out of the immigration
    office, which had to close before time to justify my expulsion. Even
    though I had proof the absconding charge was false they used brute
    force to detain me under that charge.



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