Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lamictal DOES cause hand tremors

Just an update on my previous Lamictal posts.

Over the past year I have gently tapered down my Lamictal from 250mg daily to 125mg. On the recent 150 to 125mg drop I noticed that my hand tremors (which have been plaguing me ever since I started taking Lamictal) improved considerably. To the extent that I'm not even self-conscious in coffee shops anymore. And that's the other point - coffee. Right in the beginning whenever I mentioned the hand shakes to anybody remotely medically enlightened they urged me to come off caffeine. I did. However, since stopping weed, and its major energising factor for me, I've re-taken up coffee. In a big way! 7 strong filter coffees a day. Despite this - my hand tremors still decreased.

And just to really drive the nail home: I hit a patch of depression about a month ago and assuming that it was due to dropping from 150 Lamictal to 125, I went back onto 150. Guess what!!! The tremors started again! So I'm back down to 125 and .....  guess what.... they've stopped again.

As a very keen photographer you can't imagine how happy I am about this development. Shaky hands are probably the worst impediment a photographer can have.

So, to all  Big Pharma participants - including PDocs, GPs, chemists et al:

You can give me all the fckn stats you want claiming that tremor is not a side effect of Lamictal. In my case - you're speaking Bull Poo!!


  1. They definitly are! I have hand tremors so bad from it! We should sue them and get lots of money haha. Or at least our money back. Which is still significant.

  2. I have removed all the chemical variables and do not take any regular medication for the past 4 years. Only when I am going high do I take a single dose of 50mg Chlorpromazine (Largactil). It is highly effective at giving me a good nights sleep which is all I need to bring me down.

    I don't drink coffee, tea, smoke anything or drink alcohol.

    I try to maintain a regular exercise regime (commute to work by bicycle, 90 miles each week) plus squash, tennis, walking etc etc.

    I have returned to work for nearly a year now after 6 years of self imposed unemployment. Do I suffer from lows? Yes. Do I suffer from highs? Yes. Are they extreme highs and lows, absolutely NOT!

    The only person who truly knows who you are is yourself. The best person to look after yourself is yourself!

    There used to be a government campaign in the UK that said, "Say no to drugs!" I remember using that statement when psychiatrists/doctors/nurses were offering me medication. It left them scratching their heads!

    I believe that short term, drugs are essential for recovery when someone is in an extreme situation. Long term, if it is possible to live without drugs of ALL types then DO IT!

  3. I lost 18 pounds in 3 weeks due to Cymbalta caused diarrhea, yet it is not listed as a side effect. Just because its not on the list of known side effects doesnt mean that something isnt a side effect. I have found that when something is going wrong, check the meds first cause it is nearly always a side effect of something.

  4. Ahhh lamictal. Love your blog. I am a fellow manic depressive. Check out my blog if you would like to delve into my madness.

  5. Anonymous02 May, 2012

    I started having tremors after I started taking Lamictal - but it may have been long after, I don't remember. My psychiatrist poo ppoed it and threatened that it has antidepressant properties and that it might not be good if I got off it.
    Thanks for your statements!!


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