Thursday, March 31, 2011

Muddled Values

Meditation is something best done in total silence. Not that you shouldn't meditate in noisy environments (often when the meditation is needed most) - its just that silence is the pinnacle - the pure, blissful source.

Silence is difficult to come by these days. The best time for silence is early morning (pre-dawn early), but even then, I have discovered, silence is elusive. For me its the sound of my computer fan. I've known this for a long time. I even played around with fan settings where you could temporarily switch the fan off. But I'm very scared to go that route - knowing me I'll forget to switch back on and the African heat will fry my motherboard in no time.

So for a while I considered switching my machine off every time I meditated but after doing some research, a lot of techie geeks said that daily on and off is not good for your cmptr.

So I've just kind of put up with the computer fan for the past few years. The other day, by chance, my machine was off anyways when I meditated, and being pre-dawn I got the first TOTAL silence meditation for yonkers. Bliss.

...after which I realised how muddled my values are. Which is more precious - my mind or my machine? Here I am not turning off my machine, thereby compromising on the quality of my mind. So from now on I'm gonna compromise on the quality of my machine, rather than my mind, and enjoy the daily bliss of silent meditation.


  1. Good post. Which reminds me, I used to think my 2004 built computer was fairly silent until I saw a newer one on but couldn't hear it.

  2. WillBeFine02 April, 2011

    Our paths cross again! I built my long over due PC replacement last Friday. The thing that struck me about it was the noise of the fan, it was much quieter than my last PC but I know the standard fan from Intel on the CPU, Core i5-2500k, is not of high quality. Do a search for "Silent CPU fans", lots on offer! In the end my 1Tb SATA3 hard drive was noisier than my fan! So, to avoid seeking perfection for a fan it is nice to know that my PC is still breathing!


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