Thursday, April 14, 2011

BiPolar ii disorder trending on Google

Catherine Zeta Jones?


  1. WillBeFine14 April, 2011

    I had to laugh when I read how a quick visit to a clinic fixed her problem!

  2. Yes, definitely due to Catherine. I also loved the insinuation that she "got" Bipolar because of the stress from her husband's sickness. Ugh...nononono.

  3. I just want you to know that a few years back I was stressed out due to 3 kids and hubby...went to see a shrink and all of sudden he pulling the bipolar card on me and putting me on all kinds of meds making me feel likd sh**...well...needless to say I am not bipolar I am actually B12! That was causing me to feel tired, depressed, moody as hell some! I am now off all meds except topamax, only take that for my migraines...good luck to you all...make sure you are in tune with your own body and don't be a drs dummy

  4. Yep I'd say its due to her illness being publicized


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