Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The usual suspect

see highlighted text below:



  1. WillBeFine06 July, 2011

    As my father used to respond to the searching question of, "Why?".

    "Why did the fly, fly into my eye?"

  2. I don't understand the point of the post, or the meaning, or why should we see the highlighted text below, can you make your point clear?
    Don't ever think that I can't understand you because I'm not bipolar too, I am also one of... us! ;)

  3. @skorpialogia - Sorry this post was so cryptic, it was probably meaningless to all but a few long time followers of this blog.

    My whole life I have had this weird association with the letter Y. Starting with a Y shaped piece of driftwood that was on the psychiatrists table in the hospital where I had shock treatment. Dowsing rods, The South African Flag, the ultimate philosophical Question "Why", the Pythagorean Letter, Yin and Yang (and also YabYum).

    So I'm always on the lookout for references to "Y" and when I stumbled across this book claiming that at the crucifixion the Y in the words on the plaque at the top of the cross was supremely significant, I couldn't help being mesmerized. (even tho I'm not Christian per se)


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