Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Psychiatric Oppression Opposed: Landmark Case

"Albert Haines has spent 25 years of his life locked up. He was convicted of a minor crime and handed over to a mental institution. Psychiatrists have refused to let him out, even though they can’t really say what’s wrong with him and keep changing their diagnoses. They are a law unto themselves, and once entrapped by them, you are at their mercy."

You can read the full article here

Below are some of the excerpts which I think worth re-iterating:

"...he is the first person in the history of England to obtain a public hearing, instead of the standard secret tribunal in which the psychiatric system is answerable to no one."

"...the psychiatrist has set up a self-fulfilling diagnosis. If Haines disagrees, or worse, if he resists, then by definition, he’s paranoid and psychotic."

"This is called psychiatry. It’s a secret system, one that keeps prying eyes from seeing behind the walls by saying it’s for the patient’s benefit. If they were so sure of the legitimacy of what they do, why must they keep it secret?"

"If you think this couldn’t happen to you, keep in mind that there have been 100,000 secret tribunals in England over the last seven years. Who are these people? We simply don’t know. It’s all locked up behind those walls."

Recent events around the world, from the Arab Spring, to the current Occupy Wall Street movement are demonstrating very clearly that the world is sick of Old School Authoritarians who wield an inordinate amount of power and have, for centuries, been beyond question. Dictators have had their day, now its bankers... maybe tomorrow it will be the PDocs.   


  1. Now you know why I liked the Equilibrium movie...

  2. @Amanda - just looked it up on IMDB - definitely gonna have to watch that one

  3. "All power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

    The opposite side of the coin:- How do people who live in areas of the world without psychiatric doctors survive? I am certain without treatment, how ever harsh, I would be dead, imprisoned or lying in a gutter begging for money.

  4. @WillBeFine - In A Native American Indian tribe you could well have been chosen as the tribe's next shaman...

  5. BPG:- I doubt you would be picked for that role if you went after the Chief with an axe thinking he was the spirit of the lost buffalo!

  6. @WillBeFine prolly not... ;)


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