Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rosarch Test on Steroids (or acid...)

I've spent many hours in the past week mesmerised with a new Surrealist artist I have discovered - Roberto Matta. I find all of his work absolutely incredible. The best site to see Matta's work is here.

Above is just one of his paintings - "However" - done in 1947. Actually its only part of the painting - I had to trim it to fit the blog so that detail would still show. (full painting here

My question to all readers: What do YOU see in this painting? 

I would be fascinated to know.


  1. The part that stood out to me was the woman in the lower right as either something stabbing into her or coming out. It makes me feel awkward about the whole painting.

  2. Display cases in a museum with the added touch of roasted chicken on a stick?

  3. I dont like to look at it

  4. didnt mean to cause any anguish - sorry bout that.


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