Thursday, March 08, 2012

Meditation explained : Set Theory

Note: Not to scale. In reality Set B much bigger part of Set A.


  1. Great illustration of meditation. I have bipolar disorder and I rely a lot on meditation to cope with my symptoms. It has been really helpful! I found a lot of similar tips at http:/ I recommend that you check the site out.

  2. WillBeFine12 March, 2012

    Don't understand that. Obviously I am not in the right zone!

  3. @WBF - there is an small part of consciousness which is "without thought". That is where you try go when you meditate.

  4. WillBeFine18 March, 2012

    @BPG - I think you are looking in the wrong place! Somehow watch this program (UK Proxy) and become truly enlightened.

    "We all like to think we are in control of our lives - of what we feel and what we think. But scientists are now discovering this is often simply an illusion.

    Surprising experiments are revealing that what you think you do and what you actually do can be very different. Your unconscious mind is often calling the shots, influencing the decisions you make, from what you eat to who you fall in love with. If you think you are really in control of your life, you may have to think again."

  5. Thanks WBF. Unfortunately BBC has their cast-iron copyright in place and I cant view this anywhere outside of the UK.

    However, just looking at your excerpt, I dont see that my diagram is contradictory at all. We are not "what we think" - we are something else i.e. outside of our own thoughts

  6. I like your blog, good stuff. Glad you're at it after all the years, keep it up, it keeps the rest of going. Thanks.


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