Monday, June 04, 2012

2nd Tatt

The 1st Anniversary of my first tattoo is in 2 days time:

At the time I was convinced I'd only end up with one tattoo. But guess what: I'm about to get a second. This next one I'm gonna position on my right calf . Its going to be quite a bit bigger:

The first tattoo was 100% designed by me. And it is loaded with meaning. I could actually write a book about the meaning of that one. This second one I found on the web. Unlike the first one, this one has no significance and was chosen purely for aesthetics. But this fact in itself carries quite a bit of significance (if you've been following closely you will know why...)


  1. Y oh Y do people get tattoos? I would wear them if I could rub them off once I was bored with them. Now I have a little story. I was trying to remember the word that you have used in the past,to describe your 2nd tattoo, so typed into Google "making connections where there are none". The first two hits were the Bipolar Blog! So what ever is said about "apophenia", it is definitely connected with you!

  2. WillBeFine04 June, 2012

    Y oh Y do people get tattoos. I would get one if I could rub it out once I was bored with it. Now I have a little story. I was trying to remember the a word you have used in the past, to describe your 2nd tattoo, so typed into Google "making connections where there are none" and the first two hits were the BiPolar Blog! So what ever is said about apophenia it definitely is connected with you.

  3. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    Hey up

    I know u aint a doc but u seem to know ur bipola stuff i got bp, but prob is my doc dnt believe me n thinks i got bdp, so am on wrong meds, whats best meds for managing bp1? or dnt u take em?

  4. Anonymous06 June, 2012

    tattos r good btw

  5. @WBF - its all L-I-N-K-E-D ;)

    First prize: no meds
    2nd prize Try Lamictal
    Compulsory: Get 2nd doctors opinion

  6. Anonymous08 June, 2012

    Thanx Bi- polar guy :-)

    will try that advice out - cheers!

  7. I too have tattoos and I love them. I was told they are like Lay's potatoe chips. You cannot have just one. Good for you. The only advice I could tell you is be sure you are well so that you choose one you will not regret later. Enjoy your new one. It sounds way cool! :))

  8. I'm not into tattoos enough to get one, but if I ever did, I'd go for a simple black design something along the lines of what you got...

    I've been very slowly learning bits of Japanese for some time and learned to read some of the Chinese characters they use... why on earth someone would get tattooed in a language they don't understand and have no particular connection to I do not understand, even if the meaning of the characters seems mystical, poetic or wise... I don't get that one.

    A few years ago I heard they'd developed a semi-permanent tattoo ink that faded to nothing after a few years, so I asked my local tattooist about it. He didn't seem to have it, or even know what it was. But he told me if you're going to want to change your tattoos you shouldn't be getting them in the first place! Only tattoos I've got are permanent scars from years of drug addiction. I'm not proud of them, but in a way am glad they're there... at least I have SOMETHING to show for a life so nearly completely flushed down the toilet... know what I mean??

    I just came to your blog for the first time... you had ECT for mania? Wow.

  9. found your blog while looking for info on ward 24. I was there in 1985. It would be good to communicate.


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