Wednesday, October 31, 2012

BiPolar Guy's global media reach :)

Sorry about this, but I gotta blow my trumpet. See the chart below - it shows the world's biggest social publishing sites:

Well in the past month BPG has been contacted by two of them via this very blog! First a journalist from the Huffington post contacted me via Twitter to participate in a live discussion on BiPolar. Unfortunately I dont check my twitter everyday and so was too late.

A week later this blog was mentioned and linked to in site 6 in the above list - the Gaurdian UK. This 2nd mention was triggered by the blog post I wrote last year on Dr Aubrey Levine (aka Dr Shock). Dr Levine was the psychiatrist that headed the SADF's pyschiatric wards in the 80s and he was ultimately responsible for the involuntary shock treatment I underwent. After being accussed of Human's Rights abuses he fled for Canada and was practising as a psychiatrist there for many years. I say was because his license has been suspended and he is now in court facing sexual harrasment charges by numerous former male patients.

I've been following the case with interest. The man is squirming and watching his string of pathetic excuses unravel is a joke-a-minute. First he was too obese to stand trial (the doctor motivating this incidentally was a former student of his in South Africa). Then dementia came up. Then he tried to defend his genital fondling as Erectile Disfunction Treatment. This week the man seems to have cracked a little further and has fired both his attorneys and will be defending himself. Bad move! Can't wait to see him rot in jail!

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  1. Well done, an eMedia star! It will not be long until Hollywood contact you wanting your life story! It is a shame Dr Levine did not head to Texas as he might have got some permanent shock treatment of his own!


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