Sunday, August 24, 2014


WOW! I havent been here for a looong time! According to my Feedburner stats there are still approx 200 of you subscribed to BiPolar Etcetera's RSS feed.

Despite all the intentions in the world I can't guarantee that I'll ever post to this blog again :(  If I do, it will be some kind of resurrection move which isn't on the radar yet. However I (BPG) am going strong on Twitter. I certainly dont over-tweet and when I do its not really stuff about bipolar. Mad stuff yes (as in tweeted by a BiPolar Guy) , but the PRODUCT OF rather than THE TOPIC OF BiPolar.

If you want ON TOPIC Bipolar Stuff I'd recommend you get my book BiPolar Blogged - which consists of selected posts from this blog and was published a few years ago. The book hasn't done too badly as far as self published books go - no fireworks but a few 100 sales which still trickle in steadily.

Its kind of sad to be "signing off" as it were (and in truth this blog will never officially close but always hang around in the online ether with the chance for me to fire it up again) - the days when this blog was peaking is nearly reaching its 10 year anniversary...

Hope all you guys are well and hope we meet one day again. And rememeber:

"You're only given a little spark of madness. Dont lose it" ~ Robin Williams


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