Thursday, September 15, 2005

Depressed People More Realistic

It's official: Professor Chris French's research proves that depressives are more in touch with reality than non-depressives.
"The truth is that life really is pretty awful" he says. " The depressives have got it right. The people who don't suffer from depression are the ones who have what we call "unrealistic optimism". We give people questionnaires to fill in and ask them what are the chances of certain negative things happening to them - of being run over by a bus or contracting a particular illness. Most people assume that the bad things won't happen to them and the good things will. And the truth is that they are being overly optimistic. The depressives tend to be much more accurate."

Not sure if this is meant to make us depressives more depressed or less depressed (???) but there you have it.

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