Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Flexible Working Hours

Thank the Gods that the Internet came along. I have finally accepted that I am totally unemployable in a 9 to 5 job. Or, for that matter, in my own business that requires pre-planned appointments. So that is why I run my websites. They suit the BiPolar temperament perfectly. A spurt of hyper-mania and you can work creatively and flat out for 4 or 5 days (and nights) . A 3 day slump and you can just crash out, without the wheels falling off your business.

The funny thing is that in the long run it kind of balances out. As any BiPolar will know - when you're up you can work twice as hard and creatively as any non-BiPolar. When you're down you can't work at all. (Try telling that to your boss!) So I am just very thankful for this World Wide Wonderland. If I'd had to toil in a meaningless 9 t0 5er the rest of my life, I'm afraid "Got-a-Gun" would have found one.

In case you're wondering, my website that is linked to this blog, , is NOT the one that pays the bills. The ones that pay the bills are an entirely conservative affair that I daren't link this blog, lest my small-minded conservative audience succumb to their latent BiPolar prejudices and dismiss my commercial sites as dodgy.

Today is one of the can't-work days - but I will be back soon, in full hi-energy force. Watch this space!


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  2. Certainly true.

    I also work in IT and, yes, flex hours and the vagarities of the 'nerd' often make an excellent camoflage for mood swings. Unfortunately, at the moment, I have picked up a 9-5 gig and its making things more difficult.

    Yes, it does tend to even out. I find some of the literature amusing when it talks about hypomania and the 'subjective perception of increased efficiency and productivity'. Perfectly sane managers and clients seem to feel motivated to throw money at my subjective experiences of the productive I tend to believe they are evidence based. Then again, they are the same ones who are later baffled by my time lags in a depressive phase.

    I enjoy your site. keep at it and good luck!


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