Friday, September 30, 2005

Erratic Behaviour

My poor web programmer! I'm one of his bigger clients. I've never told him that I'm BiPolar (I never tell anybody that I do business with - who does?), but he probably suspects something along those lines.

Although I'm a regular client of his in the long-term sense of the word, the regularity of the work I give him corresponds to my moods. "In-the-Pink" gives him loads of work, flurries of amazing new ideas and bombardment with progress reports. "Pretty Shitty", on the other hand, goes completely quiet on him, barely answering his e-mails. Sometimes he wonders about these quiet periods, and I just say "Sorry, I've been inundated with other projects". When, in actuality I'm usually in a horizontal position somewhere in the house.

This last couple of days has been an example of web programming bombardment. All credit to him - he seems to adjust pretty well to the erratic flow of work.

The anticipated burn-out hasn't hit yet, but best I budget on some "Pretty Shitty"s in the next 10 days...

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