Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Stock Market is Manic

In my "yuppie" days (how yesterday is that term?) I was very involved in the stockmarket. I always maintained that part of my affinity to the market was that it was, itself, a great big BiPolar. Alternating between periods of depression and "irrational exuberance", Alan Greenspan presides as chief psychiatrist meting out medication in the form of interest rate tweaks.

Well it seems Alan himself agrees. Commenting on high stock and property markets in the US, he was quoted in today's Cape Times as follows:

" Such developments apparently reflect not only market dynamics but also the all-too-evident alternating and infectious bouts of human euphoria and distress, and the instability they engender."

Speaking of which - I better start slowing down. Been going like a mad thing the last 48 hours and I don't want to burn out. Otherwise I'll re-enter the same old cycle - burnt out -> get behind on work -> start feeling better, but you've gotta work your butt off to catch up -> burn out etc. etc. The story of my life...

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