Monday, September 05, 2005

Psychiatrist feedback

So far it seems that today is going to be a "Halfway House". It started out as a "Monday Morning Light Blues" (alias "Pretty Shitty") but things have picked up a little.

I call it "Halfway House" because I don't spend much time in this state. Most of my time is spent in "Pretty Shitty" or "In the Pink". Most "normal and sane" people spend most of their lives in "Halfway House". Us BiPolar's have a wider range of frequencies and we also tend to channel hop.

"Halfway House" is where the psychiatrists like you to be. (either that or "Pretty Shitty" as, in pretty shitty, you usually represent the least threat to society and your self). Personally, I always aim at "In the Pink" which, according to is defined as "in peak health". But psychiatrists are wary of "In the Pink" as it is the only pathway to "YeeeHaaa!" which is a psychiatrist's absolute panic trigger.

In fact, last time I saw my psychiatrist, I was "In the Pink", and the convesation went as follows:
Psychiatrist: "How are you?"
BiPolar Guy: "Well!!!"
Psychiatrist (with an anxious tone) : "Not too well I hope?"
BiPolar Guy, thinking to himself "Huh??"

You gotta be careful with what you tell your psychiatrist...


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