Monday, September 26, 2005

Weekend Sanctuary

Had a great weekend away. A place called Temenos situated in the tiny town of McGregor, 2 and a half hours north east of Cape Town. The population of McGregor consists predominantly of healers, crafters and mystics.

I was going to post some pics but Blogger is not being co-operative tonight, so I'll post them tomorrow.

Temenos itself is a Retreat, a spiritual sanctuary that is universal in its religious approach. Nestled together in these enchanted gardens are a christian chapel, a zen garden, a buddhist meditation hall and a sufi temple to the Beloved. In between is a maze of pathways winding through ponds and flowers, with little chairs and benches tucked here and there for a wandering retreatent to stop and dally for a while.

It is a place where you can be totally yourself. In fact, you needn't even be yourself, you can just BE.

You can find out more about Temenos here, and, if you're going to be in Southern Africa any time soon, you may want to pop in. But be warned - it is not everybody's cup of green tea. If you're looking for water sports and a social buzz you won't find them here. So please don't come, as I don't want to bump into you on my next trip either.


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