Thursday, October 06, 2005

Going like a Boeing

'Nother good day. Been working since 5h30am.

Work is excellent therapy (providing, I suppose, that you're in a field that you find meaningful) Nothing makes you feel quite as satisfied as a productive day's work.

Actually, besides Seasonal Swings (Seasonal Adjustment Disorder), I've noticed a weekly pattern in my life too. Thursdays are one of my best days of the week. Certainly my most productive. Saturdays and Sundays, strangely, are often bad days. I think its because Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I get onto a roll, and then Saturday kind of trips it up. Which is why Mondays are usually bad too. By Sunday evening your whole being has finally kicked into slow gear and then the world expects you to push a button in your head come 8am Monday morning and be right back in top gear.

Having said all this, Saturdays and Sundays are great if you couldn't work during the week. In fact, then you long for the weekend so that you don't have to feel guilty about being disabled work-wise.

Anyway today's Thursday and all is great.

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