Monday, October 10, 2005

If only...

Phew, knackered after a busy Monday. But at least I got stuff done.

I often wonder what I could acheive in life (personally & professionally) if I didn't have the downs. If I was continually in the "In-the-Pink" zone, I reckon I'd be a millionaire (a US$ one, not a South African Rand one), a best-selling author, a ground-breaking international philosopher, an award-winning concrete poet, etc. etc. etc. (Yeah, right!)

But I've come to realise that everybody has there own "IFs". If I was goodlooking. If I was smart. If I could have had a decent education. If I won the LOTTO. If I could get some supper tonight. So BiPolars are really no different in this respect.

In fact, if you take a look at the world and the billions in it, you'll always have SOMETHING that somebody else would like.

I suppose its like playing cards. You can't get to choose which cards you get dealt (unless you're up to some untoward skullduggery) but, depending on how you play them you can still win. Maybe even more important: No matter what cards you get - YOU CAN STILL PLAY...

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