Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Oops, I was fiddling around with my HTML code for this Blog, and BOOM, the whole left Side Bar has disappeared ->

Blogger always recommends that you save a copy of your current HTML before editing, but BiPolar Guy was in a bit of a rush, so skipped that part. Shite!

Oh well, I've printed out the code of the original template (about 4 pages worth), so I'll have to sift through it and see what went wrong. The problem with coding is that there is ZERO margin for error - one comma out of place and the whole thing bugs out.

But actually, I'm enjoying working with HTML. Many web designers work with software packages such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage, and these packages provide a design friendly interface between code and user, so that the user doesn't even see the underlying code. But working directly in the code is much more exciting and much more efficient. The interface, I suppose, is like an interpreter, and the original language is always the most accurate. No "Lost in Translation s".

Enough tech-speak (geek-speak?). I don't know what I'm doing in my life right now, but I'm obviously doing something right. Its another "In-the-Pink" day, and my business has almost caught up with all of "Pretty Shitty's" backlogs. Pretty Shitty is a damn slovenly worker. Wish I could fire him. Problem is, he's been employed for so long that his contract is well and truly permanent.

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