Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sleep Disturbances

You guys are just going to have to put up with no side bar at the moment ->
Scroll right to the bottom and you'll see the side bar there. I only discovered it there this morning. At least its still around. I'll have to figure how to return it to its rightful perch later.

Feel a bit of a slump coming on. Been going flat out for 7 days now and its not sustainable. So you know what: I'm going to chill this afternoon. And it's a decision to be proud of, not feel guilty about. That's what it's all about with BiPolar - push yourself a little when you're down; slow down a little when you're up. BALANCE.

Today's upcoming down is probably due to lack of sleep. "In-the-Pink" gets quite a bit of insomnia. "YeeeHaaa!" gets chronic insomnia. In fact if "In-the-Pink" has 3 nights of chronic insomnia 3 nights in a row - it's usually the most reliable indication that a fairly severe "YeeeHaa" is on the way. All 4 psychotic breakdowns were preceded by hardcore insomnia.

So right now I'm going off to do some chilling. See you...


My side bar is back! I forgot to delete 4 bits worth of code (out of several thousand bits).

These machines are damn fussy!

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