Friday, November 25, 2005

The Last Psychotherapist

So after my last psychotic/mystical episode (take your pick) in June this year, I decide I better go see a new psychotherapist. This time I am convinced that there were something other than genes and chemical forces involved, so I'm wary of going to a straight-down-the-line psychologist who is likely to pin the whole thing on my Dad's spanking in grade 4. Instead I scan the local "Esoteric Weekly" and find a "Qualified Psychotherapist and Metaphysical Healer". Just what I need!

When I get there I steal a glance at the framed degree that I knew would be on the wall, just to reassure myself that the psychotherapy qualification is from a real university and not "Martin's Metaphyics Online".

I find it pleasingly liberating to convey the mystical aspect of my experiences, but when she keeps interupting me to ask "How I feel in her energy field?", the liberation starts to look like Bush's Liberation of Iraq.

So since then I've been spending my 260 bucks a weeks on new books and CDs. And I'm blogging for therapy. Looks like it's going to stay that way for a while...

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