Thursday, November 24, 2005

Project DOG

To all you guys in the US - Happy Thanksgiving Day!!

Decision made! I'll be launching Project DOG either this coming Sunday, Monday or Wednesday (depending on prevailing moods).

I've just got to get a few things in place like register with all the blog directories and Get up to speed with those fancy technorati tags and things. Plus I'll be launching a new page on my website I also need to analyse my blog traffic stats to see the busiest day and insert a few adwords on my web page.

Came across a cool quote today:

"Advances are made by answering questions.
Discoveries are made by questioning answers."
-- Bernhard Haisch

It's been nearly 9 full days since my last cigarette!!! It's actually gone amazingly well - I've practically forgotten about smoking. OK, so Monday I was pretty down (after my blogpost, in case you're wondering why there wasn't a "pretty shitty" frownie). But I gotta admit - that perpetual nausea I was getting before stopping has dissappeared.

And today's the first day in a while where I'm right where I wanna be - In the smiley zone.


  1. You run DOG !!!

    May DOG climb into a NUTSHELL and transgress all dimensions.

    Rider on the storm and doors open.


  2. Congrats on the not smoking! I was nauseas at first too, but it was because of the patch I was wearing. I actually kinda liked it though because instead of gaining weight, I lost 10 pounds when I quit smoking.
    This Dec. 3rd will be 2 years for me. Another blogger who has quit is Henny at The Hen House, it's listed on my blog if you want to visit her.
    You can do it and you ARE doing it! Way to go!!


    that's her url, if you want to visit her

  4. Nice going with the smoking stop!

    Mine didn't quite work out. Maybe next time :)

    Happy to head Project DOG is happening, will be checking it out!


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