Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Copyright is Dead

The world is networked: copyright is dead.

I came to this conclusion by relooking at Project DOG. Project DOG was that manic insight I had about a month ago that I thought would caterpault me to world fame. If you want to see more you can see the actual post.

There were 2 major reasons I never proceeded with Project DOG. First, I can see, in retrospect, that there was mania involved, and likely the idea is not as incredibly, awesomely amazing as I thought. Truth be told - I was even aware of this at the time - hence I named it Project D.O.G.

"Delusions Of Granduer"

(which proves that it wasn't TOTAL mania - in total mania there is absolutely no doubt that it is incredibly, awesomely amazing )

The second reason for not proceeding with the project is where copyright comes in. Part of me still clings onto the notion that my insight does hold some value for the world, and I'm petrified that once the cat-is-out-the-bag, BiPolar Guy will get swept aside, no credit, no gain - sweet f' all.

So then I figured that I would keep the insight for the next book. Then, if people wanted my insight, at least they'd have to buy the book right?

So I sank into the OLD mentality, the 20th century mentality - got a valuable idea (could equally be applied to possession/spouse/child) - lock it up. Patent it. Protect it. Build a wall around it.

But then I realised, how the shit am I going to create the media stir that this thing needs if it's hidden deep in some little book on the back shelf of Inclusive Books? I am not! In the networked world, for things to get out there, people must be able to get in. Block out piracy and you block out exposure too. No links in - no links out. No man is an Island. Live on an island - die on an island. etc. etc. etc.

Which is why copyright is dead (in this networked world). And why Project DOG may yet make it's appearance in the next while...

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  1. Free movement of information baby! Yeah!

    That's the only way to go.

    People will always remember the person who came up with something great, long after the hype has faded.

    When you do publish this insight of yours in your next book you can be sure i'll be buying. Just let us know when it's out.

  2. Whoah,
    This sounds pretty interesting. I'm waiting, BP.

  3. A zotfly flies in all directions, but has a lifespan of a fly. The fly gets eaten by, who knows, I don't eat flies. I looked, engaged and don't like.

    Let's imagine other natives


    DOG you may run.

  4. I was once horrified when someone stole my exact post from one of my blogs, until I realized I was actually reading my blog. I'm a little crazy, too, hehe.


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