Sunday, November 06, 2005

Time Magazine

One of my greatest ambitions was to get published in the letters section of Time Magazine. So over the year's I've pelted them with half a zillion articles on every subject and topic you could imagine. Earlier this year they ran a main feature on depression and BiPolar Guy sprang into action. Home Territory man!

Maybe it was something to do with the fact that I signed off "Reconciled BiPolar Depression Sufferer" but this is what they published, jetting BiPolar Guy into his 30 seconds of global sunlight:

It may just be that our emotional lives are determined by our perceptions of how we measure up to the expected norms society imposes on us. What is there to be happier about than being happy? Or more depressed about than being depressed? And who hasn't been anxious about being anxious?

The problem with norms is how we go about setting them. Some of the greatest works of art and science have been produced by depressed individuals. Whilst your article points out that continual happiness is not feasible from an evolutionary perspective it fails to acknowledge a potentially deeper purpose of unhappiness. Are happy episodes in an individual’s life not measured against the sad episodes? Even Einstein showed that all things are relative. What would a state of unwavering happiness really be like, other than a bland monotone devoid of texture and contrast? Perhaps unhappiness defines happiness as surely as night defines day.


  1. Back from the beach, actually it's the quiet bay in rock and up the river.

    Had I great time climbing the mountains and looking at the caves with paintings on yester year. Within I found Sting making honey.

    The worker bee, flying out in search of nectar, will die if the flower is too far. Those who sight the flower in time will return to the safety of the hive.

    It is sight that Time Magazine in their anal , plucking out the hemrioge, looking up the dark crack approch have neglected .

    A Bipolar personal is not a depressed individual, that's part of it, we are fucking MANIC !!!!

    Small exaple, reading Stephen Hawkins is one thing, but when your Life in a Nutshell becomes nine dimensional and you experience this ,as I am sitting here, Time Magazine is opperating on a wrong plain to us.

    Anyway, had a reading over the weekend and it came out amongst things that I am over protective of myself and my plans could be abandoned by me running away.

    I laugh, because all I have to do is sight more folwers to get home.

  2. no, man, i was the other anonymous who toldja about tupac. so no trip up the coast for me. it'd be really easy for you to tell an anonymous post from me, you know, just watch for them coixcidexes like hug:z and cheer:z - but i guess i'll just make it easier for you :)

    ps: got the book. will plough thru it this coming weekend.


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