Saturday, November 05, 2005

Crap Day

Spent most of it horizontal. And no, I wasn't getting any - I was asleep most of the time.

Saturdays are not generally good for me. Saturday is a Transition Day, and I've got enough transitions to deal with in my head than to deal with calendrical ones. It takes me most of the week to get up to speed for work, and then boom, just as you're up to speed you gotta change down 3 gears for the weekend. It kinda throws me.

I suppose it's the whole expectation thing to. We're meant to be happy, smiley people on the weekend which is just impossible to schedule when you're BiPolar. And it's not just societal expectations - it's my own build up during the week to. All week I'm adding to my "Things to do on the Weekend" List and there's so much hype that when it gets here it's just one big let-down.

Mondays are the Other Transition Day. Just when you've got into slow gear, you gotta snap out of it and start revving at high speed again. They should give us 4 day weekends. Even if we had to work longer than 5 days on the trot. This stopping-and-starting can't be good for you. I mean who the heck invented these 7 day weeks anyway? Some deluded dudes wondering around the desert 3000 years ago.

Oh well - I suppose it's my Saturday and I can sleep if I want to.


  1. good blog.

    i've linked to you from mine.

  2. sorry 'bout your crap day, bro. appreciated that you still had time to drop by and say hi to show your mad love at tip.

    further participation required here when you feel better & find the time. peace out!

    ps: wow, i can't believe THE bipolar is your friend. you are indeed well connected in the blogspot bipolar hierarchy!-)

  3. Sorry it was a yucky day. I look so forward to the weekends and then it's a big letdown.


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