Sunday, December 18, 2005

Comment Moderation Lifted.

18 December 2005. BiPolar Land. - Reports have been confirmed that as of 09h00 on Sunday 18th December, the BiPolar Daily government has lifted its emergency Comment Moderation policies. Speaking from BiPolar Cottage, BiPolar Guy said: "Comment moderation was never part of our constitution, but under the extreme international political conditions, my government and I decided that whilst parliament was involved in it's 5 day annual recess, and unable to defend itself from any mass propaganda campaigns in the international press, we would resort to this temporary measure as a last resort." BP Guy was also quick to defend the government's action, highlighting that during it's short period, not one comment had been excluded or altered in any way prior to publication.

Questioned on future diplomatic initiatives, BP Daily's Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that it had always held the highest respect for the z0tlians, a fact which she claimed could be confirmed by her government's unwavering support for the Z-President at the World Tip Organisation Convention, where the vast majority of other states voted to impose sanctions on z0tlian membership. "This latest spat", said the Foreign Minister, "was unavoidable given the Z-Presidents continuing personal attacks on the BPD government despite the BPD's vocal support for the Zs at the WTO."

In a statement issued later in the day, responding to questions about the BP Government's latest bombshell violations of diplomacy at TIP, BP Guy stated: "We were getting tired of the incessant nigglers at TIP, and felt that a new discussion entitled 'Words to inspire hate', gave us the latitude to demonstrate to certain dissenting parties that if they felt so intimidated by the lack of hate at the Project, hate could be supplied in any amount and any degree." The BP government did concede however that its bold move could have taken some of the Project's community by surprise. It added that it would not be resuming its discussions at TIP for some time, citing that it's recent TIP involvement had expended more of the government's time resources than it had originally anticipated. In his closing remarks BPG assured the international community, that whatever course of action is ultimately decided upon regarding TIP, "BP Guy we will definitely be back". Staff Reporter - The Decentralised News Network.


  1. hey, man, don't give up on me, k? i'm just havin' a blast with chaseme, she's over in socal for 2 weeks and we're takin' a mighty trip up north into monterey bay, then yosemite, then mountain shreddin' in tahoe.

    absofrikkinlutely roxor! yesterday we went to BipolarAdvantage's ranch retreat up in Escondido (northern San Diego) and we had a blast there as well until some fukkin nutjob chick told chaseme to get the fuk out or she'll flip for good. talk about insaneness in the membraneness.

    anyway, BipolarAdvantage is smitten with ChaseMe and invited us both to go walking at Black's Beach which is San Diego's World Reknowned Nude Fukkin Beach, but of course! WTF?

    haha, i'm tellin' ya man, as Pink Floyd would put it: WISH YOU WERE HERE! surf's up, you know, and we'd love for you to show us some movez!

    comments here will likely vanish once we get out of sandy eggo and start our trip north (tuesday morning), but till then, look for one or two more direct communiques from the zotl continoom and cut that crap about z0tlerians or whatevah the fuk you called us, coz we are the zotl continoom and don't take lightly to peeps referring to us using new vocaboolary and shit!

    leave the new vocaboolary crappola to scattered saschlerians! anyway, do tell all at TIP i miss 'em and The MANagement can all go fuk themselves, BipolarAdvantage and I will put up a site together, i'm almost sure, and it will rock hard sox, man!

    too bad is taken! is a grand concept, but i'm also lookin' at whatchu thinkin 'bout that one?

    i'm only tellin' you hoping you'll jump all over it, register it and all, so then i can make an offer on it for like $1 mil and pull you out of your goddam misery! hah.


  2. Hey Z-Man, good to hear from ya! So you want a domain huh? Well then yr speaking to da right channelz cos Y-Man did some lil volunteer investigationz for the Z venture and found unregistered (AS YET): (yeah, backwards stoopid) (viva e-commerce) (u might like it) (good or what? I mean how many 5 lttr domains are still out there dude?) (personalised touch) (think 2 o's were good??) (1-up manship) And, dude, don't even fck around, just go straight to for registration prposes, cos they're best. period. Hope you're still enjoying the Chase. (1 Question: What does a mad genius like Zit-face do for a livin? Been puzzlin me that one...)

  3. from a marketing/pr 1o1 standpoint, all your domain ideas are idiotic.

    i thought i gave you z lecture before, neh? gotta be EASY to pronounce, when you go say and you wanna do a bit on the radio, wtf you gonna do, eh? yo, guys, remember, it's and that is EL, OH, OH, OH, and yeah, that EL followed by three goddam OHs, OHMYGAWD, three, remember, not 2, not 4, 3 eggsactly... mwah.

    back to z drawing table. as for what zit-man does for a living, the living does for him! whatchu be calling a zit-man does NOT have to do for a living, z lita brain of mikey be doin' that so that z-mind can post this shit and entertain your sorry ass of an existence.

    stay puZZled, it does a bodhi good! - pretty good, pretty easy to spell karrektly or just SAY and not have to spell it, says lots about generations X, Y, Z and how they deal with madness and fuck the boomers, they are too late in their engrained "love uberalles" and flowery mickey mouse ways to evah get the message the site will be tryin' to convey which is, yes, madness be a goddam huge advantage in z game, rather than a cripplin' disease. change of 'tude if you wanna sign up & run with zem BIG DAWGS, npolarity to the z-th degree encouraged! and Y? coz if you be scared of some virtual puppet account on the mighty virtual intergalactic net, then how in z fuck's face planet you gonna survive in z real real wxrld, meh?


  4. hahahah and i forgot to laff my azz atcha once again,, eh? same story as am i to understand, oh you had it bookmarked for oh so long, but don't have enuff witz aboutcha to see is indeed registered there and from there can't you even find out how to write me a handwritten letter with real threats and all?

    hah, lucky i forgot to update my home address since like 5 years ago or omg, TWILLY might actually tell z FBI where i live and what kind of terrorist i really am when it comes to TIP online... aaaahahahahahah.

    my privacy has been INTERRUPTED! but once again, let it to z-dawg to end it all on a pozitive note: your reversal of moderation idiocy is GREATLY appreciated in z continoom.

    after all, there is some hope for you, mahman, even tho your HIQ is such a major hindrance! i says live and overcome obstacles! don't give up mr. webeneur and keep negotiating them corners as you be walking in z vicious circle of that which we call life.

    zumptin ztrange,
    zzerotl (not marketable at ALL) we don't need no stinkin' marketing, rightoh?

  5. Hey BPGuy
    Glad to see moderation lifted,
    but suppose makes sense where ya coming from with that.

    Hope ya had a blast surfing an all. Sounds wicked.


  6. Z: I see you are totally beyond any rehabilation. If I wanted to, I could show you how pathetic your marketing strategy is, stuck as you are in Web.1 thinking. Web.2 has arrived already. Besides, any constructive dialogue would be perceived as "soppy". So I'm gonna pass on this one. Really not in the mood.


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