Monday, December 19, 2005

New Media art blasts

Gotta admit, I've missed this ol' spiderweb. So I went avisiting some of my favourite haunts and came up with some amazing, mindbLoggling web art. Check these out:

Hypnosis One
Hypnosis Two

Hell (switch yr volume up, this one's got a cool soundtrack)

Conclave Obscurum (not even sure what language this site is in - but it's super cool. You gotta get quite proactive though - move that ol' mouse around and clack wildly).

I gleaned most of these off of my old friend Jim Andrew's site ( Jim is a multi-talented dude - poet, artist, programmer, musician, and literary theorist. And somehow he puts the whole show together. He gave my site ( a really cool review a few years ago and we correspond from time 2 time.

Not sure about you - but animated creativity like these 6 links really FLOATS MY BOAT. It's inspiring stuff and I'm hoping to get going on quite a few Wordart projects over the Christmas lull.


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