Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sitting on a gold mine

Right on my doorstep...
In my own backyard...
Sitting on a goldmine...

All true.
The Green Lion has spoken.

Couple of months back I dove into Gnosticism. That led me into Alchemy. That led me into Tarot. And I stumbled across this really beautiful deck, the Pythagorean Tarot. Pythagoras and my paths are closely intertwined. After all it was the Pyth Man that invented the 25th Letter. Ever heard of the Pythagoran Letter? Well it's the 25th Letter.

BiPolar Cottage
Cape Town
2005 AD
Attention: Pythagoras
Dear Pyth Man
etc. etc. etc.
(the Pythagorean Letter)
I digress. So upon receipt of said Pyth Deck, I posed it a question:
Should BP Guy resume smoking weed?
6 cards were involved. The Empress (the pic on yesterday's post) was placed in the position of "who or what will show me the right way". I figured a whole lot of stuff out at the time, but Couldn't, for the life of me, fathom what the Green Lion (beath the arm rest of the Empress's left arm) symbolised.
So anyhow, yesterday I'm cruising around, an excellent and enlightened site about all manner of pychoactive substances, their effects and the plants themselves. And, browsing down the list of plants, one catches my eye that is native to South Africa - The Lion's Tail. So I read up about the Lion's Tail, and discover that it's very similair to MJ, only a little weaker, but it has none of MJs bad effects and is legal. Sound good or what?
So I'm reading about all these dudes that struggle to get hold of the shit. One or two manage to plant their own and practically wank when the plant hits 2 feet, and they manage to pluck 3 of the orange flowers off of it. Then I click on a photo of herr Lion's Tail and.....
FUCK ME!!!......
Deese are da plants growing in BP Guy's back yard! 6 Foot fucking tall! Overflowing with orange blossoms!!!! Here's a photo of them I took this morning:
And you don't believe this is the real shit go straight to Erowid:
Like I said:


  1. oh, wow! bipolar guy stumbles upon and has never heard of either. did you know there are more active bipolars hanging out at the shroomery than at TIP?

    just go do a search for bipolar there to see what i mean.

    in terms of plants that TEACH and not stupid grass that gives you a mild hi so you can forget about the great task at hand which is: LEARN TO SIT WELL WITH YOUR SUFFERING!

    i have one w0rd for you: SALVIA. go to your new friend and learn about salvinorum-a, why it is LEGAL, why it is more potent than LSD, why it is safe for bipolars for it does NOT fuck up with your serotonin receptors, rather it is a kappa opioid and so on and so forth, then come to sandy eggo, so we can meet the Sage Goddess Lady Salvia together!

    you know what, i've been pondering, since you force me actually spend time trying to show you how you might travel from Y to Z, which is like a path containing an infinite number of rest points, here's a constructive suggestion for you!


    or i may like have to start posting my GPA from hi sqool, my SAT/GRE scores, all my goddam useless degrees and Ivy League schools i have attended, blaaaahaahahha...

    if you really want to prove yourself, man, spend some quality time and write a quality essay such as THIS ONE then perhaps you'll get published in some worthy magazzine!

  2. Damn! I'm glad you explained all that, you have hit the gold mine BP guy! Pot makes me too hyper. Anyways, what an interesting story. I'd never heard of Lion's Tail before. Have you smoked it yet? Are you POSITIVE that's it? I am anxiously awaiting your next post to say how it was!

  3. man that is beyond synchronicity!

  4. z0tl, i'm starting not to like you very much.

  5. join the line, buddy, it's already fukkin 50 miles long! and if that's you, the Y, then no worries, i'm banning myself from leaving you messages as well and if it's not you, then i'm glad i can even piss off anonymous simulations. avatars of z wxrld, unite! z-menace is spiraling outta control, omg, omg, mayday, mayday, the crash is cummin fast!

    big fukkin L on yo wide mensa forehead, man!


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