Friday, December 09, 2005

the WORD


  1. i've had it with you buddy boy! 1st off your stoopid moderation idea, you can still edit posts and make them BLANK, so that's liek DELETING THEM liek? get it? or do you not want people to even be able to edit their rants and add like eith WTFs to a post?

    because that's about how many WTFs i wanna ask you re: TIP's mod policies and their likeness TO FUKKIN NORTH KOREA!

    how long u been around TIP, man? like 45 days? and like all of a sudden you have this DEEP understanding of what's going on, of what has happened along the line, of what people behind nutrasweet tasting posts are like?


    take a goddam step back and try to be more observant before you go out there and make a fool of yourself coz if you would as much as spend 5 minutes to read e/7's post history, you'd actually figure out what a fukked up lita puppy she is and how what she bitches about omg what happened to her on the other board is WAY WAY nicer than what is happening at TIP, you tworp, coz at least that MOD sent her a goddam PM letting her know what's going on, here at TIP they fukkin go out there and delete shit at leisure, no one fukkin knows, everyone wonders if they just went insane, yesterday there was a thread with 10 posts, today there's 5 and nothing makes sense anymore! YOU HAVE NO FUKKIN IDEA MAN! but keep going out there and defend the anarchisticalistical concepts, coz i wuz telling e/7 today,

    if the sascha/ashley posse are anything close to anarchists, then i am fukkin VIRGIN MARY, mah man!

    i shoulda lissn to this goddam lita bird when they warned my you are a clueless lita airhead, but then i said, no man, he's just enthusiastic, he means well, but the more i read your preciousss input, the more i gots to agree, you indeed are fukkin clueless.

    one thing i'll give you tho: TIP has potential and IT HAD POTENTIAL for the past 3 goddam years AND it's in the exact same place it was 3 goddam years ago! no goddam growth!

    same so called activist/underground posse behaving like a goddam fidel castro regime, every goddam time someone calls 'em to the mat, boom, they're gone! their posts, boom, gone! never a warning, never any decency to at least issue a PM, so goddam ironic to hear e/7 ranting there, sometimes i really wonder how much lower can these people sink before they see the tree in their righteous eyes from the forest?

    lemme know if you were that anonymous punk responding to my last post, so i know to leave you the fuk alone, coz you're a hopeless goddam case. Y? coz your mensa scores apparently confer no goddam street smarts upon your sorry ass!

    if you had any, you could goddam read between the lines and figure out the hypocrisy of it all, even tho you've been around for only one goddam month.

    MAD FUKKIN LOVE and now lemme barf all over my fukkin keyboard again and while i'm at it, tell blogspot to put a filter to replace my fukkin bad language with stars just liek if i said FUCKING instead of fukkin!

    ef you see kay!


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