Saturday, December 10, 2005

Response to z0tl

ZZTops - see yr reserve feul tank's bigger than I thought. Just shut-the-fuck-up with the Quotient envy though man. Didn't u know that SIZE DOESN't COUNT.

As to Erowid, its been bookmarked since last Millenium, and as to actual participation in the REAL world psychactives (aka psychosis, plug n play) well BP guy was doin it when your daddy was still firing blanks.

No - it wasn't me that left that universal Anonymous dislike - if I wanted to say anything I'd just post it straight in my blog (or better on TIP so I can get a Z defensive reaction within like 5 seconds later 24/7)

Post comments as much as you like man - its fascinating stuff seeing such deluded mania and my readership can only explode.

You're right about the delete post moderation though, think they'll have to disable the edit post function too - that way even stark raving maniacs will have to think 2wice before venting their Quotient envy on the weak and mild.

Notwithstanding, just keep yr distance frm the sun becuase the moon awaits around the corner just as sure as night follows day.

And Z, by the way, I still dig you man, I enjoy your rants, which just goes to prove that I'm the most deluded looney on the whole of TIP ;)


  1. Kudos BP! Flame the bastard!

  2. haha! youse guys are so fukkin funny.

    it's like trying to flame trogdor the burninator, doodes! keep at it, perhaps you'll get liek a chuckle like outta me?

    anyway, BP Guy, you are totally forgiven for today, reason being your interpretation of ChaseMe's name!

    hah! that was awesome, you can keep your Mensa scores up on the site for now then. permission granted.

    oh, really, you still DIG me? why, i'm so fukkin honored man, finally the zotl continoom has reached all the way to Cape Town! joyfool days.

    ummm, really, so you like solaris then? well that's good, do explain to me the following: what is the significance of the DOOR KNOB? remember she's playing with a DOOR KNOB somewhere in there.

    also, what up with them red/blue pillz? any matrix connotation? also, is pink floyd's welcome to the machine song actually the inspiration behind the matrix?

    who gives a shit about the matrix?

    one more lita thingy: why do you insist on being a dsm-iv dr tam man?

    please, if you're a good friend, remember what i've told you: when i am manic you will ABSOLUTELY NOT SEE ME POST ANYWHERE ON THE INTERNET, EVER!

    and not because i'm locked up, man, no, simply because i have such mind blowing experiences out there in the real real world, whatever that even is, that there's NO WAY IN HELL i waste my time typing, not even for ONE MINUTE.

    so please, man, give up your insistence that i'm flying high and omg i'm going to crash so hard, for you've been at it A MONTH already and i'm still "raving" just the same.

    so take it easy man, get passed my apparent assholeness and i will teach you OR try to respond to my assholeness with "loving kindness" and make me LAFF MY ASS AT YOU or try the flaming option that this wimpy assed anon dood suggests, like if she were to list her avatar's name i could give a flying fuk and liek flame her back or sumtin coz like i bother to talk to lita ants with IQ's of 158.1 or whatevah.

    i would link to a JPEG with a big L on some mensa forehead, but i think i've already made that point.

    now, get with the program and stop telling me how much acid you dropped when i wuz in diaperz coz you don't talk to a mighty endarkened overlord of the zotl continoom like you talk to his puny brain imprisoned in this frail body, mmmmmmmmk?

    ps: do me a favor and ask Chaos to come back to TIP, i'm really, really bored with all the mad love flying around there lately and i could use some of his spacetime bending and truth distortion techniques!

    whatever you do, don't give up on me man! i'm so spiraling outta kontrol, it's not even funny. help me now, i beg you, on my knee:z!

  3. wow! moderation in action at BP Guy's schack! you're back in the dawg house, man! pathetic.

    luckily, i'll forgive you by tomorrow coz i'm that type of guy, never give up on anyone low IQ or whatnot...


  4. rule numero uno: stop pestering my notes with bipolar shit, i wouldn't want people to think i'm crazy, you know? i'm doing a grand job passing as normal, even when you insist i'm apeshit manic.

    rule numero due: if you keep this shit up about my being manic and crashing into hell after i repeatedly told you i'm a bipolar 6 and have been throughout 6 manic episodes over a period of 3.5 years and THE ONLY DEPRESSION i've ever experienced was SITUATIONAL and caused by the love of my life dumping my ass, an event that causes MANY NORMIES to kill themselves, in case you fukkin didn't know, i swear to you, i'll start feeling sorry for you, man, because it actually means you WISH FOR ME to sink into a depression and that would be like, i dunno, like VILE?

    rule numero tres: either you post all my notes or you delete them all, there's no middle road. you can choose either, but if you take the middle road, then i will put you in the same box with SNAKE SCATTER and that'll be that, you can go fuk all the Ys in z wxrld, i could give a flyin' fuk...

    rule numero four: you should stop thinking about moderation at TIP, your ideas are worth of a < 88 IQ. and yes man, i'm so very jealous, i'd rather put up one of those bumper stickers: my child bipolar guy is an honor student at cape town high!

  5. Z0tl - treat others the way that you wish to be treated - that is if ya care?

    And no, this is not BP, just someone who likes to see common decency.

    Have some respect and you will get the same back.

  6. that's all i need (wo)man! more anonymous respect. you gots that right, NO, i don't care.

    i came from the future,
    to uproot yure!

    i see the post up there, the rude bonk one and that is fine, but where is the one you were so supposed to be mensch about, eh? tzk, tzk, tzk, i give and i give and i give and you never stop takin' - ok, man, larger IQ always yield:z!

  7. HolY Fuck!
    For a minute there I thought I saw Mussolini standing on his inferiorty complex podium wagging his swollen finger about the lawz at BiPOlar Daily.

    So very sorry I fucked up your pose on DiaryLand Mikeee. Maybe you should just spill your rotten guts and show the wrld what a wife-losing, Quotient envying c*nt you really are. Maybe next time your Uber Intelligence can make a half-clever choice and choose a proper blog host in the first place instead of just building a cute lil holiday shack.

    BUMPER STICKER: My son Mikee lost his wife and became head mudslanger at some obscure website for 6 months.

    Vile? Vile? This is immaculate beauty man, gleefully awaiting THE FALL, when the reality catches up with certain pricks that getting overthrone as Head-Headcase (his only REAL world acheivement in the 21st milleniem) will soon equate to his godalmighty fragile ego as equivalent in heart-wrenching self-loathing to been dumped by an obviously very sane woman. Can't wait to see the whimpering, yelping pile of wax that's gonna come out the other end.

    And Mikeee LOL, LOL, LOL

    And LOML too.


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