Sunday, December 11, 2005

A Rude Bonk

Yeah, this latest Green Lion Tarot revelation has reconnected me with my manic insights from May. And they were insights. Incredible, amazing and profound links between things. They were so profound at the time that I thought, this is it, I'm going to ditch ALL worldly pursuits and follow the bellowing call that I have heard from the gods/powers/universe/The One.

Alas, as usual, I strayed back to my worldly ways. How much louder can god shout at you man? How many more signs must god give you before you believe that truly, undoubtedly, you have been chosen for the mission?

You see, the minute you try to ditch your pointless worldly pursuits, you're setting up an almighty battle between You and The World. The world needs worldly pursuers. That's the only thing that keeps the collective delusion from falling apart at the seams.

"It's all just mania" you say. Sure it's mania. Doesn't mean what I saw isn't valid. Mania affords its victims a view of things from new outside-the-box perspectives. Ask any Pdoc worth their Prozac, and they'll confirm that the revved up manic brain can jump around so quick and far that it can detect links between the most diverse things. Doesn't mean the links aren't there.

And that's primarily what May's insight was all about. A ginormous LINKING UP of things. Pythagorean philosophy, The golden ratio, Revelations, the WWW, the aerial map of England, The hebrew alphabet, the Gnostics, and the Future OF Mankind. Stuff that would make the Da Vinci Code look like Little Red Riding Hood's Granny. For the things I saw were no less than THE SOURCE CODE. The divine SCRIPT. The code of everything. The Code of Nothing.

(You see, if everything is 100% different, then really, it's just 100% THE SAME. Got to think about that one. Then maybe you'll get it.)

OK, so now you're thinking, Yeah, Yeah, this is just another Project DOG. Some little contrived and tenuous link blown out of all proportion by a self-engrossed ego.

Well, you can think that if you like. The trick is to KNOW, not think. And in order to know you can NEVER bypass WHY. You can bury your head in all the wheres, whats, whens, and witches, but ultimately you must stand before the almighty Y. The Robber's Cross.

Then you can say:

YES, I do
OR you can say : NO, I don't
OR you can say: I NEITHER do nor don't
OR you can say: I BOTH do and don't

If all else fails you can say: NONE of the above

But you know what: In ALL cases you'd be wrong.

Because when Chris's wife was holding the DOOR KNOB in Solaris
All she actually wanted was a ROOD BONK.


  1. i'll just go on with this post and assume you're enough of a mensch to post my previous post... or else so help you gawd, i might like threaten to lynch you or sumptin!

    you know philip k dick? well, he went nuts you know, it only took ONE peak experience he couldn't integrate and from that point onwards all he did is spew out 8,ooo pages of boolshyat that no one could really print without making him look like the ultimate fool, you know, he called it EXEGESIS - google around, you'll find a few pages.

    you wanna turn out yet another exegesis with your w0rd obsessions and pythagorean bullshit and golden ratios and the muzix of z spheres, sphenic numberz and all the rest, go right ahead man!

    smoke away your life so's that in the end you come up with 42! i at least came up with 58 and left it at that, but you are too unimaginative to come up with an original answer, so after all the trials and tribulations and expanded states of mind that your pussy ass bipolar afforded you, 42 is going to be it for you!

    now, will you please do me this favor and tell GODDAM EVERYONE AT TIP that i'm not manic, i'm just a plain old bona fide ASSHOLE and that's all there is to it!

    & you still have not send cappetown chaos a shoutout and i'm still bored outta my mind reading all the saccharine shit at TIP.

    if you don't post my previous comment, i'm done, you are a lost cause and i will just pity you, like i pity ashley. scatty boy, i don't pity for his diabolically smooth and so snake like in all his interactions that every time i see him post i puke solidly for 5.8 minutes!

    if you behave and post my previous post, so that our educational journey can continue.

    also, please cut the anagrammatical shit when i ask you a specific door knob question which you don't know how to answer intelligently, so you do your crappy mumbo-jumbo letter permutations which frankly are getting quite old after a while.

    you should like Y branch into some other shit man, don't let all that shear IQ power go to complete waste.

    your worst nighmare,
    da zingularity

  2. When will u Doogie Adams grovelling kidz get out the sandbox, switch off the fkn Level 42, and wake up to the fact that 618 is where it's @

  3. ahahahaha, lemme laff my a$$ off for a lita bita here for yo lousy attempt at a rant re: my dland posse! lemme just tell you sumptin bro, when i started the stupid journal (for goddam BLOG is about as pukey of a word as sascha's MAD LOVE idiocy), you were doing acid in diaperz, yes.

    also, even tho my dland posse is pretty much dead, coz they all got bored, got real lives, you know, OFF the blogofukkin sphere (barfbarfbarf), and moved on, i spent like 1/2 day catchin up to a few folk and LOOKAT, i got more of a following there than the sorry ass pussy shit sascha/ashley evah had and DO NOW at sorry TIP.

    bah-hah-hah. and lemme tell ya ONE MORE goddam time, for the millionth time, ok?

    THE ONLY GODDAM DEPRESSION I EVAH EXPERIENCED EVAH (and i've had 6 goddam huge manias thus far) wuz caused by my fukkin wife/soulmate (hah) when she dumped my a$$.

    I'M OVER THAT NOW, AZZHOLE! so who you think WILL EVAH drag me in the hole man? YOU? lemme laff my lita azz off atcha for liek 58 minutes straight, you sorry excuse for a compassionate bipolar!

    and remove your post screening already, i'm straight up dood and don't turn yourself into SIM CITY TIP: North Korea. such pathetic state of affair:z!

    but hey, thank me later for turning your blog into something people actually READ and not coz of the sorry ass pussy shit entries you make every day, but cause z-dawg has finally arrived in your cape town hut! reco'nize!

  4. Commonly known there are 7 chakras of the body.

    There are however 10 chakras.

    Three are suspended in the region of head.

    Bipolars reach for them to swiftly and hence our condition.

    A very small percentage of man is evenly remotely aware of these three, but bipolars have tried to connect with them.

    There is a page in Discover Atlantis which bears this out.

  5. zOtl you are one intercontinental hyena's dick.

    Fly your bipolar 6, that a joke within it's self, 747 unique, to the 13th dimension.

    If you need directions, plug into the universe and it will willing give you a map.

  6. Posse?? Where the fuck u get posse man? I was talking about yr POSE, you know, that fake persona u put on for everyone.

    Whats the matter Zoroaster - u got a lil' round one concussion that u put an extra S in there? You think you were still on cartoon network?

    And stop counting yr Followers man. That's a really scary sign


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