Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Y versus Z show

Yez it's all about CONTROL

And we will:
The Billy Goat Gruff
Who call's everyone's bluff

Horny Goat Weed anyone?

(only available if you're running at least 10 geg of Ram, Quotient deficiencies not trollerated)
(on your SLAVE drive, not your MASTER)

Ground Control to Major z0tl: OFF (jes swtch yr volume up)

Try Control Z that Zarathustra.

Cos Control Y will just keep coming back at ya.
Recurring knightmarz
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  1. im now no longer sure again if you still owe me a comment or not. i really dislike this moderation crap you do, you know, feel free to note me in d*land any time man, i would never delete your notes, actually i do delete notes ALL OF THEM at regular times as practice of non-attachment, i mean if i didn't do that, i would have one million notes by now, but anyway, i promise you i won't delete any notes should you feel the need to take it there.

    also, i feel i never really abuse you, i yell at you, sure! i make fun of you, sure! but i don't really abuse you and what you did to empties at TIP is so, so fukkin VILE and absolutely downright i can't even quantify it, man, that i am really pondering if i should ever again speak to you.

    however, like i said, i never hold grudges and i never give up on anyone, so i did like your buzzzzzzzz shit tho i'm sure you didn't use a sphenic number of zeez, so that's like lame and all.

    and i do wanna talk to you, but it puzzles me to no end that for someone with your high IQ you can be so VILE and VENGEFUL. forget the part about stoopid, i mean that can be fixed, but the sheer meanness, that's in your ATMAN man!

    so, yes, like empties i feel SORRY for you and i hope you find it in you to goddam apologize to him, sincerely at that! you don't have to ever apologize to me, man, i have titanium shields all over and could give a fuk, also your CONTROL talk is so laffable it's once again barflike!

    and LOLOLOLOL omg that's so many more levels lower than MAD LOVE pussyshit NutraSweet that again, i'll just have to leave it at that.

    if you didn't post my last blurb and you won't post this one and you won't apologize to empties, i will try to understand and not make assumptions re: your circumstances that make you feel righteous in doing all that.

  2. "Below the belt" did I hear you yelp Mr Z man??

    My fuck, but we can't go drawing lines in the sand now can we?? That would be like, um, like some fascist, authoritarian, North Korean spot, just waiting for the marines to come in and liberate the democracy. WMD and all that shit.

    And oh, by the way, I won't be popping in at TIP for a while, place kinda stinks without genuine Zsters, so you can keep me updated on all the lufffly hate that Empties has managed to inspire.

  3. This is an interesting change from ur usual posts BiPolar Guy. Your blog had become an arena.

    Pretty cool seeing you mow down the deserving, Z0tl you had it coming.

    But now just shake hands and make up, peaze an harmonie to ya all.


  4. well, i dunno man, i mean certainly i deliver HUGE blows with AK47 might and i launch WMDz left and right, no doubt about that, but if i ever do the "below the belt" shit, at least knowingly, so strike me gawd almighty right here on the spot!

    anyway, i may be delusional at times and get so passionate into an argument that i cannot see what's below the belt, what's in the belt, and above, sideways, round and round and all about.

    still, you can and SHOULD go to TIP, regardless what you say, who you support, the North Koreans or Osama or me, Timothy McVeigh according to Goddess Twilly or so Open Minded and Diplomatic always wishing you the best and free coffee (such as with her latest rant to Pugsly), while all the time systematically and cold bloodedly takin' them down using such fallacies of logic and reasoning that puking when i read her is again un understatement.

    so do go back there for stupid you are not, stoopid sure, all the fukkin time, but to see that you would have to graduate from hi sqool and no goddam ph.D. from any kind of any ivy league school will EVAH equal a hi sqool degree granted by the endarkened zotl continoom and yes, we have grad sqool as well and post-doctoral studies, so don't even begin to speculate...

    ummm, what else, yes, you should still go back there in that very thread and apologize, because empties doesn't deserve below the belt just coz you get pissed at me.

    feel free to yank out my shriveled brazz ballz, but don't take it out on others, man. later:z!

    ps: common man, remove the moderation, it really bores me having to wait to see my post in all its gloriousness... you should thank me, finally your readership is increasing while they all watch in awe as one puny member of the zotl continoom is talkin' to you.

    you don't even want to know what shall happen once that fuk z8tl shows up! prolly google will list your blog on top of any "bipolar cape town" search!


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