Saturday, December 03, 2005

Spending Sprees

Registering bullshit domain names is one of the things I blow big bucks on in moments of mania. Domain names were MADE for me: they involve word conjuring and manipulation, they're at the very centre of the World Wide Wonderland, and they've got this kind of virgin territory gold-rush fever about them.

But the real kiss of death occcurred in 2001. In '99 I had registered (Why? - because Y is the 25th letter stupid!). Next thing this architect from New York contacts me and wants to buy the spaz domain. Turns out a division 25 is some type of planning regulation in NYC. So I ask a big price (especially when converted into feeble South African Rands) and hey-presto, BP Guy's bank account is full of cash.

Was full of cash. Like the first-time casino winner pours back his winnings 5 fold into the casinos coffers, yours truly pours out cash to the domain registrars.

Here are some of the names I presently hold: (my fav) (definitely a manic moment there) (for when there are like 10 000 visitors a day visiting this blog and I'm earning $1000 per 24 hours via Adsense for plunking my daily dose of wisdom onto the screen) (shortly going to be sold to Google)

Last year I went on a wild goose chase with "-e"s. I had:

Cheek-e (X rated, you understand)

Listed them all for sale on verious Domain Exchanges, but didn't get one damn measly cent. So they've all lapsed now.

As for South African domains ( I've got 43 domains for business purposes (which I won't list here). South Africa, by the way is about 8 years behind the rest of the world in internet advancement, so you can even pick up some 2 letter domains. I recently got:

which is kinda cool because in strong Safrican accents "Fuck" comes out more like "Fork" so 4q = Fuck You".

Also got:

But getting back to mania. In YeeeHaaa states, it's not uncommon for me to wake at 2am with new .com ideas. I leap up and race to to see if anyone else has come up with this gem, sprinting as fast as I can in case somebody snatches it a tenth of a second before me. I've gone whole nights like this - totally wired, unable to get .coms out of my head, leaping up every 10 minutes. Mrs M hides the credit cards at these times.


Gonna work today. This week's rapid cycling put my business WAY behind, and unless I start getting my A into G, I'm gonna have irrate clients, whom Got-a-gun will probably have to deal with :(

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