Friday, December 02, 2005


Here it is guys. (see background to Project DOG) But please remember:

DOG = Delusions of Grandeur

In fact, that's why I'm posting this on a Friday - cos my accurate-as-shit stats program tells me that Fridays is lowest traffic day. And I'm kinda embarrassed about all the hype I've painted around Project DOG. Delusions of Grandeur was definitely in charge of project management for this one.

I guess the reason I was so excited at the time is that the WORD-coincidence that I noticed doesn't seem to have been picked up by ANYONE else in the world. (trust me, I've scoured the Web). And it just kinda seemed appropriate to me that THE WORD PROJECT ( was the one that spotted it.

So. Click here for THE release of Project DOG.

And just to finish off: here's a pic of my one real doog, Scallywag, watching the world go by.

By the way: I got this weird pop-up advert when I opened my blog today. Not sure where the fuck it came from. PLEEEZ guys, if you get the pop-up too - let me know (just leave a comment). Could be all the fancy bravenet stuff I loaded in my left bar. If it is them sneaky bastards I'll nuke them right off my site!


  1. Hey BP,
    I had that pop up as I entered your blog.
    I have read some about your project and will be back for more.
    Sounds very interesting...

  2. Hi there,
    I finished reading the project and I can't help but feel skeptical.Your theory is based on the premise that Google's code "do no evil" is actually twisted to represent something other than what it says.
    I agree that this is a strange code for a company to have unless they have some religious convictions but that doesn't necessarily infer that the code has some hidden meaning.
    This might be a D.O.G. or a paranoid conspiracy theory.

    I loved your plays on words in the Word Project. I would like to learn more about word art.
    You are an extemely creative guy. Your theory on google might be good fiction.

  3. hey, my w0rd verification for this post is: xnuxz! you gotta stop registering domain name:z man and if you do and hope to ever sell 'em, here's a quick lesson in marketing one oh one. names with two o's in them, like google, yahoo, voopla are automatically successful, easily trademarkable, sweet to pronounce on radio and tv when you get to do the half time superbowl bit, etc.

    stuff like and and are just boolshyat domain names that no one in their right mind would ever want to purchase.

    then again, there's this guy from who keeps baffling the whole wide world of webby trends, so ya never know, that's all i know!

  4. and i forgots to mention z #1 reason why double oh makes a name sucksessfool automatically:

    o = oo yay baby, once you gots an infinity wrapped up in a name, off to the starz you go!

  5. Stick to the one DOG.

    This time just run with it and live with ten.

  6. Very interesting. Hope the mania pays off!

    :* Princess

    PS: I have the pop up also!

  7. just in case you missed the latest announcements at tip re: developments...

    you will be assimilated, resistance is futile!

    as of feb 2oo6 you will be known as in the nexus of intergalactic mentalix converging at! mwah.


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