Thursday, December 01, 2005

New Day. New Month. New Start

Talk about a bumpy week! Is this rapid cycling or what??

Went to sleep last night not knowing which land I would wake to this morning. But when I woke I decided to break the day up into half hour segments. Just focus on getting thru half an hour at a time. It's worked so far. Sometimes when you look at the Big Picture, and all the mountains of overdue stuff awaiting, you get totally overwhelmed.

Not sure what triggered the last 2 day's slump. Maybe it was tobacco withdrawal? (hey, it's been 15 days!!!). I just kinda felt like I lost my bearings this week, and I had this feeling that if I'd lighten up yesterday, I would have re-oriented myself. Back to Square One, so to speak.

But I didn't succumb.

It's amazing when these downs hit, we always look for whys and wherefores. What triggered it? Why now? What have I done wrong? Meantime its probably 99% caused by the BiPolar chemicals in our head - which have a totally independent schedule of their own that no coaxing or pleadeing can alter.

Anyhow - Happy December!


  1. Last time i had a reading my shamans told me

    " you are too overly protective of yourself "

    "do what's in front of you and
    your projects now or you will run away"

    " run away " was a first sighting.

    Name OnE place. your are there

  2. Wishing you out of your slump. Taking you up on that 1/2 hour dealy, making my schedule for tomorrow.

  3. It's tough to admit that it all could be the chemicals. I really want to be stable


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