Friday, January 06, 2006

BiPolar Forum Warrior

Following hot on the heels of my post two days ago, I am once again borrowing from Mike Reed's excellent site of archetypical forum flame warriors.

The guy above is Jeckly & Hyde and here is how Mike describes him:

"As a forum participant Jekyll and Hyde always plays by the rules and is consistently cordial and helpful – a model netizen, until one day he comes completely uncorked and lashes out without warning. His unanticipated thunderbolts can temporarily rout even the sturdiest Warriors, and it often takes some time for his stunned opponents to mount a counter attack. Jekyll and Hyde’s sudden behavioral change may result from a psychotic episode, PMS, a downturn in the market, a surprise visit by the in-laws – or a session of hard drinking..."

My question to you: is this guy biPolar or what???


Woke up exhausted this morning. Miss L's suffering has been an agonising ride and I guess the trauma of the last 10 days is finally catching up.

TGIF. After 3 weeks of taking it easy on the work front, the prospect of getting back up to full speed with my business is sickening. When the Fck are my Lotto numbers gonna come in??


  1. 5 8 16 24 32 / power ball: 5x8

    all you have to do now is figure out how to align your wxrldline to the 4th, the 5th is at 1oo% just for you man, just for you!

    easy come to mensa, easy go to joe fukkin bloe.

    keep up the good w0rk thank gawd it's not friday here yet, etc. we be catchin' up with you soon!

  2. what goes on, bro? ok it's friday now. no one loves you much or do you portend to say that they be scared of me, that's why no comments?

    anyway, i'm yours for life, no sweat. wuz thinkin' now with voopla cummin and all, see that investment part at z bottom

    well, since you written data booka bout them investments, why not pretend you be traegon and triangulate me those other four tickers, eh?

    the window of opportunity is wide open for the month. should be fun and it's not liek you have shit to do man, over there at that rockin' beach, lemme know.


  3. I'm not afraid to comment. It's finding the time to get through all my blogs.

    I am SO jekyl and hyde. I have bit my tongue a number of times to NOT go off on other bloggers.


    that's all i gots to say! now have yaself a nice day at the beach and i will too, mmmmmmmmk?

  5. oh yeah, just in case you're lazy, here it is lynklaned:

    about goddam voopla dot orgy

    inZanity now!


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