Saturday, January 07, 2006


This is the cover of my latest book aquisition (one view: right way up; other view wrong way up). Awesome, awesome, awesome. Just look at the cover alone - Wordplay can be read both ways up. As can the Author's name: "John Langdon". And just wait til you get between the covers - the stuff inside is mindfckng. This Guy is to wordplay what Escher (my fav artist) was to art. I'll post a few of the ambigrams in days to come (and hopefully not contravene any copyrights in lieu of my punting the sale of the book, which can be purchased here from Amazon).

So yesterday I played Bad Boy, skipped the office and spent the whole day doing Word Art. (BP Guy's take on concrete poetry). Came up with this one which is titled:

An ode to The Icarus Project.

Hey, it's just for fun, man. No sinister grudges lurking, I promise. Truth be told - I wasn't even planning on a TIP piece, but after zinging thru tomes of wordplay books for inspiration, TIP, miraculously, synchronistically, presented itself.

Meant to be.

Not feeling so great this morning. Was so fired up on word configuartions and manipulations last night that I woke up at 2h30 am and only made it back into bed at 4am. But who the fck knows where the day will take me...


  1. well, as much as it fukkin pains me and as much as that booka is a bit too much society of the skulls and goddam davinci code boolshyat, well, yeah man, i gots to give it to you, that is fukkin channelin what you just did with the ode!

    you can call it synchronicity, that's fine, i say you channeled. be good now, don't get it to your head, ok? that goddam green lion or whatevah is still out there, roaming them jungle:z!

  2. the book's cover is awesome!

  3. just saw your ode to TIP. freaked my head out completely. way cool


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