Monday, January 02, 2006

BP Guy's mug shots

They say you shouldn't put fotos of yourself on the Net. I never used to. In case my conservative clientel (heaven forbid) discover that BiPolar G is actually not the rock-solid, feet-on-the-earth type guy he pretends to be, but rather some delusioned dude with a mental illness.
Ah well, screw that. BiPolar Guy's fotos are here.

Bit of a shitty day today. And so it should be, what with Miss L flying out of BPG's life for the next 3 months.


  1. very han'some BPG, i must admit, but for some reason i expected the square footage & price tag of your house posted along w/ the wonderfool location of your precious home, so that wannabe serial killerz can show up in yo neighborhood, break in & steal that precious mensa membership you have under your emu feather pillow!

    how about this, a penis girth measuring contest next? you know i'm 8 inches long already, so i win that one no contest!

    other than that, whadja do, give up on tip or sumtin? just when the friendly folk from have showed up? so llama lame! go back in the thai forest & do some quality walkin' meditation, perhaps you'll wake up from yo deep slumber.

    hah. you thought you'd be rid of me and my azzHOLYness in 2oo6, think again! i luv thee too much to give up on you so easily.


  2. Is z0tl some necessarily malicious tribal god of the aztex, or maybe a nord menace like Loki?

    Either way, it does feel like his strict policies and self-discipline on being a total asshole are masterful and respectable, as qhaos said.

    I'm happy z:took the time (tick&tock) to -ify my site.

    It's at and he knows, really, that you and I will get along nicely. Toss me a line man, a project like this might be your idea of a fun time.

    PS. I took a look at this blog and your word project... i loved the manic/mantic one... was awesome!!

    Thanks again to z-terror. - Söl

  3. Nice to put a name to the face!


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