Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Challenge of BiPolar Forums

Until recently I was very active at the BiPolar forum www.theicarusproject.net
I'm not really a forum kind of guy, due mainly to time constraints, and so TIP was my very first forum participation - pure virgin territory. Can't remember how I found the site but I was immediately attracted to it. Here was a site promoting the BiPolar experience, recognising that the extreme passion of our moods are "dangerous gifts" rather than shameful disabilities.

So I bumbled my way into the forum. At first I loved it. Creative, brilliant souls all swarming around rare topics that really blow my mind. But after a while I started seeing that some participants were using the forum as a platform for their crack-me-up wit. Every post became a kind of verbal sparring contest, and it started becomming fkn tedious. The worst part was my observation that most of the smart-arses were merely BiPolar wannabes, having never spent one night in full-blown psychosis and certainly not more than 5 days in-a-row of genuine depression.

Like I said, I'm green at forums, so I don't know whether this is a problem with all forums or was specific to TIP. Admittedly, getting a BiPolar forum to work smoothly is a mammoth challenge. Think about it: the last people depressives want to hear from are manics and versa vice. Indeed there was a lot of BiPolar brian storming as to how to accomodate all the moodswingers. When I was last there some arse suggested that they make 2 "campfires", one for UPs and one for DOWNs. Well, people, BP Guy comes from the land of Apartheid and I can tell ya all that segregation doesn't work. I mean the whole fkn point of BiPolar therapy is to integrate and reconcile your diveregent mindstates - NOT TO FKN POLARISE THEM!

I left TIP on a pretty explosive note. Some jerk had started a thread titled "Words to inpsire hate" so BPG gave them a taste of some real mcCoy. I never went back after that (except to post a happy Christmas), so I'm not even sure how my comment was greeted. Probably with a lot of indignation. I mean, come on guys, moderate hate is OK, but hardcore hate?

I reckon I'll be back at TIP one day, so the response I got will remain a mystery for some time yet. And you know what? I don't give a blue-arsed shit!


  1. By BiPolar Guy
    I checked out TIP but wasn’t impressed.
    Here are more comments since I’ve seriously slacked off, LOL

    1/3: Good looking man-wowza! Mrs. M is very lucky. Sorry Miss L is gone for 3 months : (

    1/2: At least you got out-I stayed home and played on my PC while hubby was busy with his video game. So much for ringing in the new year…

    1/1: I am going to really delve into my photography too. I gave up meditation years ago.

    12/31: How horrible for Miss L. I wish I knew what I could say to help both of you but I’m at a loss of words. : ( I think the whole custody issue is just plain crap.

    12/30: Resolutions/Aspirations: I didn’t make any but clearly I need to…

    Finishing your book. Thanks for brining that up. I need to catch back up on my life story. I’ve still got another 10 years to write. Good luck finding time to work on it while in a creative mood and still fitting in all other activities you enjoy.

    Meditation: I find it VERY INTERESTING the number of bipolars who turn to Buddhism. I mean, there are a lot of us. I’ve lost my way spiritually years ago and the only thing I can think to classify myself is Buddhist/Catholic, though I hate to add another label to myself.

    My resolutions are to get healthy (mentally as well as physically), get that life story up to date, and look for a job that is going to better suit me (not an 8-5 job).

    12/29: Will she be able to move in with you? I saw in a later post that she had to leave but are their plans to have her move in with you when school is out?

    Here’s my list, somewhat similar…

    1. Six months since diagnosed with bipolar
    2. Six months on Lamictal vs just plain antidepressants that didn’t do a damn thing
    3. First serious manic episode

  2. so i'm not all that bad after all, if i hooked you up with simplexicon and all, you should totally lend him some w0rd art to complement his m^2 efforts.

    oh, maggs, TIP is dead without my assholeness evah present there.

    yes, i be the arse who suggested: psychomaniax veer RIGHT, suicidals LEFT, mixed head on STRAIGHT THRU!

    personally i'm one of those fuks who has never been ILL, so y'all shakin lita fists at gawds & demons asking Y-oh-Y did this happen to me, good luck!

    to address this BPG dood re: not being more than 5 days depressed in a row (having already told him a billion times my 8+ months of raving manias pretty much dwarf his wanna be spiritualistical mind expansive experiences), i would think 1 goddam year of suicidal ideation is enuff!

    nevah again. will resume my bipolar vi eat your heart:z out w/ envy mind bending shitheadedness now.

    frankly, i don't give a flyin bloo fuk either, i think w0rd art is grand, BPG's ego is a bit wider than my own & lemme just say this, my eggo expands at supraluminal speeds (as simplexicon graciously noted) and it has long since surpassed the observable univerxe.



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