Thursday, January 12, 2006


So I've been talking a lot about winning the Lotto lately. Well conventional investment wisdom has it that entering the Lotto is a bad investment plan. The risk/reward equations are stacked way against you.

Fine. But what these machine-brained investment analyst types always fail to take into consideration are the non-financial factors. Playing the Lotto is a license to dream. Big dreams. Life-changing dreams.

And as a chronic depressive, I can tell you without a doubt that a few bucks a week to keep a tiny sliver in the doorway open is a helluva good investment. There is nothing worse in a depressed state than feeling that there is no way out. Not a goddam glimmer of hope. That's when sewer-side starts making logic.

How many times when things are looking totally screwed, have I not started spending that Lotto winning in my head. It's the one positive thought that you can always latch on to. And, OK, so it's highly fckn unlikely that it will ever come to pass - but you know what: it's possible.

So if those sprocket-souled investment analysts bother to work out what anti-depressants cost, and weigh them up against the glimmer of hope that a Lotto ticket buys, they might just see that their calculations are arse-about-face.

Anyway, in anticipation of not having to keep my business ticking along once I've bagged that Lotto, I've taken yet another day off to pursue WordArt and, whilst on the subject of daydreamin', you might like this piece:


(but the growing headache might just push it into a "Pretty Shitty")


  1. I get headaches & hate it when there's one that is just latching on, even if it's just by a thread.
    There's certainly nothing wrong with dreaming. As a matter of fact, you aren't alone! Every single person that buys a lotto ticket is dreaming too, whether or not they admit it.
    I hope one day you do hit the lotto. I hope I do too! If you ever do, please don't stop writing your blog though. Even though, of course you'd be awfully busy travelling & such. :)

  2. I have had horrible sinus headaches, which affect my moods...viscious cycle


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