Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Just do it

You can spend hours and hours analysing why you can't work
You can spend many sessions with your therapist discussing why you can't work
You can find 1000 reasons, why, as a BiPolar you can't work
You can find 20 new routines to set you up for work
You can write 50 blog posts why you can't work
You can devise countless strategies as to how to tackle the problem

But you know what?

Sometimes you have to JUST DO IT!

BiPolar Guy done it this morning - climbed into the work backlog.


  1. Let us know how today goes.

    Things are so much more intense for us bipolars. Something that is annoying to a normie can make us want to tear our eyes out.

    And, to make matters worse we analyze the sh*t out of it.

    I hope today goes better for you :-)

  2. That is so great BP.

    I will be hosting a blog event called the Carnival of Compassion this coming week which is a web site that features various illnesses. I plan to highlight Bipolar Disorder and want to create a link to your site. I hope this is okay. I'll check back here to see your reply.
    Here is the web site.

  3. yeah. i don't need to be on disability-i know this.

  4. Carol: Linking always welcome.


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