Saturday, January 14, 2006

Outwitting the Mental Block

In keeping with my New Year's resolution, I am now taking my camera everywhere I go. Took this pic last night from Kalk Bay looking over False Bay.

Finally, I FIGUREd out how to outwit that Mental Block about work which I spoke about yesterday. Some credit must go to my therapy session on Thursday. I worked out that one of the prime reasons that I struggle so much to work during the week is that BiPolar G HATES BEEN TOLD WHAT TO DO. And, during the week it's like the Wicked-World-Economy is standing above with a Big Stick saying: "Thou shalt work". So BPG, being a fckn stubborn bastard, says FCK U!

But I've managed to outwit the mental block: work on weekends (fortunately with my own business I can). On Saturdays and Sundays there's no "Thou Shalt" i.e. it's Voluntary, not Compulsory. So this morning I put a good 3 hours in, and I'm planning another 2 later.

It comes back to what a motivational speaker I met once said. The ingredients for success he ranted (don't they all?):


It's a good formula. But I met up with the same guy about 3 years later and asked him if he was sticking to his magic recipe. "Yeah," he replied, "Except I've changed "Persistence" to "Flexible Persistence".

No use banging heads against brick walls


  1. I think I'm going to enjoy your blog. I surfed in from Jil's this morning.
    The thing about banging your head against a brick wall-it does feel good-when you quit.
    PS You look really good for 103. What's your secret:)

  2. Congrats on your breakthrough.

  3. I have all 3 of those things, but everything takes to long cuz I am also impatient! LOL!

  4. How's this, I am passionatly persistent on staying unfocused. LOL. I like your blog!


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