Sunday, January 15, 2006

BiPolar Disorder for Dummies

There are probably close on a 1000 "For Dummies" books out now, everything from "Nosepicking for Dummies" to "Farting in 20 Tunes for Dummies". So it's about time they bought out BiPolar for Dummies. You can see the Table of Contents at Amazon.

I presently own 5 "For Dummies" books, mainly on cmptr related stuff (ASP, SQL, SEO etc.) and I can vouch for them. They're quirkely written, in an easy-to-read point by point format, without compromising on comprehensice coverage of the topic at hand. BPG has already ordered his copy. I'll get back tya once I've read it.

The WordArt continues and I came up with this piece this morning:

15 ONEs

An old friend suggested I do some FIGURES rather than letters - so here it is. I tried to go for minimalism, but also attempting to convey that the most simplest of shapes can mutate into so many different meanings and processes. I suppose you could call it "Concrete Math".

The moods have been much better this weekend. Started the day with a 20 minute meditation. It's so great to come back to daily meditation after a 4 year gap. Kinda like coming home.

And no social commitments this weekend. Just hours and hours of free Quality time to do whatever you damn well please. Am I a recluse or what? But you know what - I'm lovin' it.


  1. Farting in 20 Tunes for Dummies? LOL!!!

    BP for Dummies is not a title I would have expected to ever have heard, but it's a pretty cool idea.

  2. Hello:)
    I'm so thankful that I found your blog:) I have a daughter(14) with bipolar, and I'm going to get that book! I'll have you in my prayers, but what's I've read, your doing fine:) Keep with the meditation! I can't get my daughter convinced to do that. Take care, Elisa:)

  3. I did nothing today and it was absolutely wonderful.

  4. Terrific blog! Mind if I link to you?

  5. Your wordart (numberart) is fantastic.

    Bipolar for Dummies-really?

  6. Hello:)
    I bought the book through Amazon, and I should be receiving it soon! Thanks for posting! Take care, Elisa:)


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