Monday, January 16, 2006

Routine for BiPolars

Sitting here, Monday morning, facing the prospect of work, I got around to thinking about the role of routine in the BiPolar life.

I've been really struggling to get myself working these days. OK, so I came up with a plan on Saturday and did some work this weekend, but that's not solving today's problem - right now.

One thing I lack is any kind of early morning routine. Working from home there is no formal structure. Time Mag ran a piece a while ago about home-based web buisnesses and called the owners the "Pyjama brigade". Because they sometimes went thru the whole day without even bothering to get dressed.

I can relate. But I'm beginning to question whether this is a good thing for a BiPolar. Don't get me wrong, I'm not for a minute suggesting I drag myself off and find another job. I just think maybe I should institute some kind of morning routine. Like shower, shave, get into my garden office by 8am. Every day.

Why it might be good for BiPolars: Due to our moods, we're all over the place, like ships drifting on an angry sea. So the more anchors we can put out, the better. And a well established routine could be a great anchor - a solid point of reference no matter what moodscape you're cruising (or crashing) in.

I'm gonna try this next week and will report back as to whether it helps.

It's midsummer down here in Cape Town - plenty blue sky days. Took the pic on the top left yesterday. It's the beach of the little village I live in.

My moods kind of split today: "In the pink" for the day generally. "Pretty Shitty" for work. Maybe it's that latent Schizophrenia stirring.


  1. I find that I need structure and routine. However, the 8-5 job is very frustrating for me. The ultimate would be to work part-time in some job, and the other half of my day spent on hobbies.

  2. i have struggled with this same issue. i have no external "schedule structure" so any "schedule structure" i do have is self imposed. i have found that sometimes an imposed schedule works and sometimes it doesn't, all depends on how i am feeling. i try to work with a "part-time" schedule and allow the rest to work itself out. if i am too rigid, it feeds the manic. if am directionless, it feeds depression. it is a fine line to walk. finding my balance has helped my stability.

  3. I really need structure/routine. Without it I sit on the couch or on my breakfast bar typing away in my PJ's until 1 or 2PM (kind of like right now)!

    Once I do get going I feel a lot better. It's the small "accomplishments" that can make a world of difference in where my mood will go for the day.

    I love your idea & I'd like to try it myself. Although it was a pain getting up early & so hard to make myself do it - working 8-5 (like Maggs) was much better for me because it offered that structure. Now, I don't have to get up so it's up to me to impose a schedule.

    I'm interested to read your findings on this!


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