Saturday, January 21, 2006

Return of the Muse

When the work slips far away
The muse comes back out to play

<= These were the clouds above my garage last night. Long fingers of white. If I was in one of my mystical moods I would have said it meant something.

Yesterday was a good day. So good, in fact, that I'm going to interupt my resumation of the weed mini-series. Being a Friday, work kinda dissapeared from the radar at about lunch time. Once the brain was cleared of financial clutter - guess who came out to play.


So here it is, yesterday's piece of WordArt:

The Conversion Process

I'd used this concept previously in my book (A Branch of Wisdom) which was published, but reckon that animation puts a lot of weight behind the concept.

Basically it is all about us working class dudes, who, after the Christmas Break, are back on the capitalism conveyor belt. Day after fckn day. Forced into complaince with the global System.

It has deeper ressonations for me also, as my Dad, with who I clashed my whole life, designed factories in his working days. And his favourite term was "Know-How". Know-How to him, was the supreme being. Well, I don't need to tell you that I am a "Y" guy, rather than a "How" guy.
In my opinion the world is overflowing with technological Know How. What it is scarily short on is "Know-Why".

But, hey, that's just my interpretation of it. You must go with yours.

And YES, I will be continuing with my weed mini-series. It's am area I am very passionate about. And you may be thinking "well, shit, you don't need weed BPG, your muse arrived yesterday sans any weed." OK. But what you don't realise is that yesterday's great mood was partly bought on by the very prospect of resuming weed smokin'. The idea exhilerates me. For the first time in ages, there is a little slit in the doorway, and thru it, a glimpse of the Forbidden Other World, for which I have yearned so long.

Saw an EXCELLENT DVD last night. The Jacket. Story about a returnee from the gulf war that starts losing it. He lands up in a psycho ward (where most of the action takes place) and is victim to an Evil psychiatrist who performs horrific experiments on his patients, including isolation in a morgue shelf. But the sensory deprivation kicks the protagonist into a parallel universe based in 2007 where he learns about his death at the psycho ward in the past.

If you love psycho ward movies, alternate dimensions and lots of twists and turns (as I do) you'll LOVE this.



  1. Not judging, just curious - how does the weed affect your moods? It used to make me manic, but I was drinking a lot and not compliant with my meds at the time. I do miss it so!

  2. How curious, though I have yet to read your weed series. I started smoking weed to long ago to remember. I do not mean a little I mean daily for several years and then one day quit but I quit smoking cigaretts at the same time. I went a few years without weed and then started up again. Daily I mean. Again it was for several years. I did not quit again until a couple of years back and about a year prior to my diagnosis. Of course one weed can be much different than another but I really do believe it was the best thing I ever did to control my mood swings. I have not started again and at this point do not see my self starting again, but that may have more to do with an internal journey I have started. Then of course I could begin a rant on this country's legal position on it, but won't. Let me be the very last person to say that there is anything wrong with using it. Enjoy

  3. Thanks for commenting guys. Yes - mj sends me straight into hypomania. I know I'm not supposed to - but I really love hypomania.


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