Saturday, February 18, 2006

24 hours of Haiku

A picture I took of Miss L's Mom many year's ago when we were together in France. I had all but forgotten about it, but L showed me her photo album.

Had a bit of a haiku fest the last 24 hours:

the psychologist
quickly peeps above my head
glancing at the time

this pen on paper
moving across a white page
now reaching the end

(that's how it was written originally) but for present purposes it should be:

this cursor on screen
jumps across a black background
now reaching the end

lying on the floor
a tea cup of delicate
craftmanship. Broken

and here's my favourite I did a few years ago which features on my website (

hidden in haiku
your pondering reflection
peers in my mirror

Current mood. Halfway (not the excitement of "In-the-Pink") but very content.

Later on...

just five seven five
prose meted in syllables
you've now got haiku

smoke tendrils curling
permeating their cargo
scent of rose incense

dancing light puddles
sunshine through the looking glass
filtered by green leaves

Today's turning into a Super Chill day. Miss L's gone to Grans. So I'm horizontal. Aircon on. Rose incense drifting in the air. The odd haiku. Sipping sparkling mineral water.

Maybe I'll even get lucky later with Mrs M...


  1. I recently told somone, "I hate all that rhyme and scansion thing.)

    In most ways, haiku is even more rigoruos, but I love it.

    I especially loved yours describing haiku in a haiku


  2. these are nice chilling haikus...
    especially the tea cup of delicate craftmanship.....nice line

  3. Those last two seem more traditional, but I like them all. I think haiku might actually be three syllables in Japanese, but no worries. It's only two in English. :)

  4. at least you have the creative juices going for you-I have none!


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