Saturday, February 11, 2006

Body Fitness

After yesterday's insight that depression comes in 2 parts (for me) - "sadness" and "energy fatigue", I got to do some thinking. Whilst sadness, a mind thing, is cured for me by Lamactil, the energy thing seems to be more bodily, and is the real disabler in my downs.

What about getting my body fit again? Alright so it might not be a total cure-all, but surely a fit body would get less fatigued than an unfit one.

Up until 5 years ago I was somewhat of a fitness junkie: cycling, gym, tai chi, hiking, running, power aerobics, motorcross, windsurfing - the whole shebang. It kind of went with the high pressure corporate lifestyle. But since I've opted out of the screwed-up fast-lane, I've become decidedly anti-excerise. Not thru laziness I would argue, but more as a concious statement against how sport obsessed this country is. Sport is God, especially in the male world and non-sports people are secondary citizens. Well screw that I decided.

I must admit too that I am much more inspired by matters of the mind, intellectuality and creativity than revving my body (except for sexual purposes).

But now I'm thinking that I need to start some holistic training agian. Miss L's arrival has also given us a new lease on life and it seems a good time to get my old dumbbells and sit-up machine out. I've decided on gym for a cupple reasons:

  • I train at home, and save my scarce time driving back and forwards
  • I can train to music (I'm a classical fanatic but for gym it's hi energy techno)
  • There's no fixed schedule. Flexibility is essential for BiPolar
  • Gym is the most effective body toner in the least time. Hey, if you gotta do this shit you might as well go for the jugular
  • You can do it in any weather and if it's sunny I can even train outside (ala Venice Beach style) (Yeah, right!)
  • You don't need to synch your schedule with other people. In fact, Fck other people. BPG often doesn't want to see any people, so social sports just suck.

Yip, children might sap your energy at times. But you know what: they give you much more energy than they take.

Took this pic when Miss L and I were at our beach yesterday


  1. BP Guy, you must be seriously rich. All these pics that are right by your house...gorgeous!

    I'm very happy for you. Though you'll always be up and down, being a full-time dad has made you complete.

  2. You've been tagged for the Mania Meme:

  3. I agree--exercise, or any physical activity--is spot on.

  4. Why not go for some long walks or jogs along that beautiful beach on a semi-regular basis?


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