Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Mania Meme

So I got tagged by Joel to continue with the Mania Meme. Well, you asked for it Joel, I'm BiPolar Type ONE remember, so this is the territory I specialise in. And trust me, it's not so far-fetched, what follows has all happened to me at one time or another.

Signs that I'm Manic:

  • Leap out of bed every half hour to register the next million-dollar domain name that has popped into your head. Register 150 domain names in all.
  • Order 25 philosophical tomes from Amazon (each 700 pages long). Got to know who you're competing with.
  • Become an instant rap poet, and convert everything that comes into your head into rap for 5 hours solid.
  • Expand your ToDo list from it's average 200 items to 3500 items in 48 hours
  • Contact your lawyer. You're going to need patents in 25 countires
  • Cancel sleep for a week - who need's that shit anyway? Might as well cancel food too, time is running out
  • Close your business for a week. These mere mortals haven't a clue who they're dealing with
  • Email every person with whom you ever had email contact with. Phone a couple too - in the early hours of the morning
  • Reconnect up with missions from your previous psychotic episodes and finally realise that you were right all along and that it was the Beast's conspiring psychiatrists that derailed your original calling
  • Purchase a Greek to English dictionary - there are vital clues in there. Hebrew to English might be needed too
  • Download a 20 gig Gematria calculator off the Net, and run 1000 names through it for final confirmation
  • Catch a glimpse of the particular angle a fly on the wall is sitting at and know that this is God's direct message that you're finally fulfilling your designated duties
  • Crack the source code that is holding the solar system together taking into consideration the random distribution of irrational numbers in chaotic Y-string quanta
  • Start planning how to contact influential world leaders so as to share your universe-altering insights with them. Humanity's future depends on it
  • Actually contact various religious "high-ups", to seek advice as to how to deal with your discovery that you've actually tapped into a super-sensory dimension
  • Placate the dogs, they've been looking at you with a bewildered expression the last few days
  • Start formulating what you are going to say when the press arrives
  • Lock your doors - these insights in your head are priceless and who knows who might be after them
  • Pop a few extra Fluanxol, just to make sure that you don't get irrational or something stupid like that. This time you're not going to overdo it - gotta keep plans on track

Damn I miss these adventures.

In order to continue this meme I have tagged 5 fellow bloggers: Raine, The Queen, Shane, Kodeureum, Jane.

You guys need to put a list of which signs tell you that you're in mania-land, and then tag a further 5 of your BiPolar buds.

Let's send this meme around the planet!!


  1. I'm not gonna wimp out here and I'll post my manic markers on my blog, but as I'm not medicated, don't have a psychiatrist and stopped introducing myself as a psychiatric survivor after a friend suggested that it might not be such a good idea, I can't think of five other bi-polars that I know. Maybe someone will declare themselves after they read my post, so I'll tag them. Best I can do. Sorry.

  2. Well, my meme's there. I'm new at this so I'd like some responses, please.

  3. LMAO!! OK - Im only laughing because I get it!!! I hope you dont find that offensive!!!LOL!

  4. Hey, I rap a lot when I'm drunk. Guess I'll go and post mine.

  5. G'day. Sorry can't do it. Got out of hospital only three weeks ago, had a new treatment with electro magnets, again. Was very stressful and about the only thing I can manage is my art.

    I made a link to you from my site even though I don't suffer bipolar as I believe we have to let as many people know about this condition, mainly due to the stigma it has in society as well as in families.

    I've been diagnosed for manic depression, have been now for five years, and unfortunately no medication work on me due to side effects. I tell my doctor it maybe due to that I have an old soul and these things just don't like me.

    I't been tough and the worst thing I have ever encountered.

    So again thanks for thinking of me for this tagging thing, but I just can't get my head around it.

  6. New to this blogging, but think I will like it. Bipolar and Borderline personality disorder here.

    Mania? WoW, got a year to listen? lol.
    Signs: Cant sleep, clowns will eat me. lol
    start 50 projects at once so I can be disappointed when I don't finish even one.
    Can't form a full sentence without forgetting what I'm talking about.
    Can't finish a sentence before I'm talking about another.
    Mind races faster than a nascar fueled by crack.
    I can solve the world's problems if I could just remember how to talk without forgetting what I was talking about, lol.
    Laugh, Laugh, Laugh till I cry.
    Too busy to eat, sleep, drink, shower, clean, read, write, breath.
    Damn, did I work my to-do list? What list? Did I brush my teeth, they feel tingly all over.
    Hungry, sure, sorry can't eat, lump in throat and heart about to explode.
    Anxiety, what do I have to worry about? Bills? They can't get blood from a stone.
    Oh no, is he still breathing? I better watch his chest for the next 3 hours, just to make sure. (my boyfriend, has a spinal cord injury, but I forget sometimes we are not still in the hospital and I am allowed to remember his near drowning with some fear). What a trip that put this emotional zealot on.
    Clean, Clean, Clean.
    Physical work 'til I hurt, but nothing finished.
    Paint the bathroom, purple, uck, change to blue, uck, change to white, too bright, change to..change to...
    Have to pee, 3 hours later I'm still in bathroom scrubbing face, plucking eyebrows, pulling out grey hair one at a time (there's a project when you're almost 40, hehe).
    Can't leave house, might drive into tree by accident, tire might blow, or tree might fall. Accidents happen (he almost drowned and will never walk without a walker, I know accidents happen, he almost died 3 times in 5 days, gotta make sure he is still breathing, if he stops breathing so will I).
    Blog, Blog, Blog
    Write to senator, make enough sense to not get put away.
    Fixed truck, now it doesn't run, hehe.
    Cut boyfriend's hair, try to make a craft out of hair on floor.
    Made fuzzy chicken. Couldn't stop laughing long enough to eat it.(didn't use hair, lol, use shredded wheat, chicken cereal anyone? hehe)
    Told son about plans. Don't think he ever wants to hear my voice again.

    I have these highs alot less than before. Read my new blog if you get the chance. It is nice to read about others with similar disorders and see what you are doing to cope and deal. Thanks all!


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