Monday, February 13, 2006

Complaints RE: Blogger

I'm sending this post by email. Not even sure if it will reach my blog.

Is it just me, or are blogger's servers about as quick as a dehydrated
snail??? I haven't been able to get into any blogs for like 48 hours. It

And that's not my only quibble with blogger. You'd think that being owned by
google they'd have a half decent blog search algorithm. Not a fck. The way I
see it there are 2 ways blogger offers to find, for example, BiPolar blogs:

1. Do a blog search on their top bar.
2. Click on BiPOlar listed as in interest in your, or anybody else's, blog
and see who else has the same interests.

Presumably the most topical, current, popular and frequently updated blogs
should top the list. Not a fck. The blogs that come up via these 2 search
methods are nowhere near as good as the dozen or so BiPolar blogs I've
visited. Some of them, the last post was 12 months ago. Others post once
every 3 months. Others were just plain crap. (I must add a caveat here: I
last tested this search about 3 weeks ago so things might have changed,
although I doubt it).

Wake up Blogger! And don't even let me start on sending help requests to the
blogger "help" department. I've been waiting for a reply for 5 months.

Time to move my blog to its own domain?.....



  1. That is great that you can remain in the pink despite being mad or disgruntled with Blogger. Unfortunately, when I'm cranked it would be difficult to describe myself that way immediately after.
    Hello, I'm 'Tart, and I want to tell you that you are still my hero for how you handled the situation with your daughter. I've been reading your blog for a little while and it is one of the best I've seen stylewise and for telling me about what's going on with you (also known as content). I am a brand new bipolar blogger at, trying to figure out the ropes and I just feel honored to be here in your presence. Have a great day, Bipolar Guy.
    PS. The time stamp is not correct. I would never get up that early. Or is it set on S.A. time? It's 11:09 a.m. here.

  2. i agree with tart- being in the pink and having a gripe shows self-controL!

  3. Could be a router problem. I've been getting into Blogger quickly

  4. The next time you're posting check out just above the text window thingamabob for warnings of scheduled outages, then try to figure out which time zone they're referring to! I'm guessing it's always California. By the way, you're in-the-pink smiley didn't appear...maybe it's just my computer as I'm using a mac, but it's usually there. I had the same problem posting about eight hours ago, by the way.


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